Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

Redken, a sponsor of fashion week, was offering Maybelline's Illegal Length mascara as a free gift with some of their products. 

My mother is a hairdresser and I like to go to the beauty suppliers store with her (it's where I buy my polishes because I get them cheaper then retail price, hehe). I pointed out the Redken products including the free gift and she ended up getting one so that I could get the mascara to try out and review. Thanks mama!

Here are some of the details (from Maybelline's website since I threw out the package, oops):

  • Fiber-fix brush has 6 different contact points with each lash for optimal fiber placement
  • Breakthrough formula contains fibers up to 4mm in length
  • Sealing formula stretches lashes and seals fibers to lashes
  • Washable, also available in waterproof formula

The shade you receive is Blackest Black, which, you guessed it, is black. The packaging is fine. I don't exactly care for it. It's okay, I think I just prefer round tubes.

The wand isn't anything special, it's pretty standard. I like that it's a brush though - you know I hate plastic or comb wands.
The formula isn't too dry nor too wet - it's like a happy medium. I prefer dry formulas as wet ones really don't work for me at all but the formula on this is quite nice!


I didn't really notice any of these magical fibers.. I stared at the wand for a good while, rotating it carefully, looking for any sign of them. Perhaps I'm just not that observant or perhaps they're not exactly visible in the first place. Either way, it's pretty nice at lengthening.

It didn't give me any remarkable length, but it gave me an alright amount. I wish it gave more volume, but it's a lengthening mascara so I can't really complain!

I haven't tested the wear time or anything but I've never had a problem with my mascaras flaking or smudging. If this does end up doing either I shall report back on this post!

So in the end.. It's alright - I don't love it or hate it. I'll use it but I prefer my other mascaras that are currently in rotation and I don't see myself purchasing a tube once this one is gone.

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