Here I'm wearing two coats of the beautiful Prey Tell by China Glaze from the On Safari collection, as well as I'm Not Lion from the same collection on the tips of my nails.

I intended to just put some of the glitter on my tips and leave it like that, but it looked a little strange to me. I decided to put one more thin coat of Prey Tell over it - creating this really pretty and neat effect! I like it! It was kind of hard to photograph.

I took this photo out of focus to try and show the sparkle! I know layering and such is no new technique but it's the first time I've layered a polish over glitter and I really like the effect; as well as this combination!

Ah, I'm just loving these fall colors.. And the On Safari collection. I was wearing Exotic Encounters before this, and am still wearing Purr-fect Plum on my toes. Awesome fall colors. Just awesome.

Here are my posts on the polishes I own from China Glaze's On Safari collection if you want to take a looksie: Purr-fect Plum, I'm Not Lion, Exotic Encounters & Prey Tell.

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