Revlon's Teak Rose

Today I have another great polish for the fall - Teak Rose by Revlon! It's just a very nice rosy shade with a touch of brown.

Teak Rose is actually my first Revlon polish and I was very impressed! I really liked the formula and the brush was nice as well. I only needed two coats for it to be completely opaque, and I was able to go about a week and a half before my thumb started to chip. So it's a lovely color as well as a good formula!

I had found this bottle hiding away in Wal-Mart on sale and quickly grabbed it, and I'm very glad that I did. I just really love it! 

You can look for Teak Rose in your own Wal-Mart or local drugstore, or you can purchase it here from which has free shipping on all Canadian orders! It's $4.99 there, so you can compare to your local drugstore!

*This post contains an affiliate link, but this product was purchased by me with my own money and this is my honest opinion of it! ^.^

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