Maybelline The Colossal Cat Eyes

Maybelline's The Colossal Cat Eyes mascara is something I've lusted over solely for the packaging and mention of cats. I'm a crazy cat lady so when I first saw it I knew that I had to get it somehow (this was when it wasn't available in Canada or US).

When I was buying my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain I noticed a new display in the Maybelline section as I was leaving - The Colossal Cat Eyes. I was more excited then a normal person should be.. So I grabbed a tube and that was that. I was surprised to see it since I hadn't heard anything about it coming here yet and thought it would appear in the US first as Canada can be a bit behind with new products..!

The packaging is pretty much the same as the original Colossal except the writing and such is in bronze instead of purple and the cap has leopard print. Maybelline products are horrible for having their names rub off so I'm being extra careful opening this and don't put it into my makeup bag - I want the leopard print to stay!!

Another thing to note in packaging is that the Japan/Australia version had a tapered, kind of pointed cap while this one is the same as the original Colossal.

And of course the other thing different then the original Colossal is that the Cat Eyes comes with a "claw" brush - ooh, cat like..!

I've never actually used a curved mascara wand..! I've only ever used the standard or tapered/pointed ones so this was something new to me. I like to rotate the wand and use all angles/sides of the brush to apply this.

I find that the formula of Cat Eyes isn't as dry as the original Colossal, but it's also not too wet (and you know I hate wet mascara formulas!). So I don't really have an issue with the formula.

I also didn't experience any smudging or flaking with this mascara but I've never ever had that problem with any of my mascaras..

Anyway, here's a quick look at how Cat Eyes made my lashes look..

I don't think it made my eyes look exactly cat like but whatever..! I find this offers more separation then the original Colossal and I almost want to say perhaps more length as well, but I don't find it has as much volume. I don't love it or hate it, I think it's just alright. I can say that I do prefer the original, though (it's my favorite mascara!).

So have you tried Cat Eyes? And if you tried the original Colossal which do you prefer? And also if you've tried the Australian or Japanese version are they the same as this version?

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