OPI The Man With The Golden Gun

Celebrating 50 years of James Bond, OPI has come out with this new, special topcoat with real 18k gold leafs. My mom knew that I was excited about this polish so she was kind enough to pre-order it for me with the beauty suppliers! It arrived today and I'm excited to share some swatches and my first thoughts.

The Man With The Golden Gun comes packaged in a box - and it's a pretty heavy duty box! I apologize for the quality of this photo.. The bottle is gold mirrored so the flash kept bouncing off of it.

Here's the back of the box with a little information..

And here's the box opened.. It was quite the hassle to finally get that bottle into my hands! I definitely think that this was overpackaged. I know it's special and quite expensive but come on..!

And finally, here's the bottle itself! As I said before, it's a reflective, mirrored gold bottle. Everything else is the same as their regular polishes.

This polish is going to be about almost $40 in Canada.. So how does it look? The bottle and all is pretty snazzy, but what about the product inside?

From left to right is The Man With The Golden Gun alone, over Sally Hansen's Black Out, and over OPI's I'm Indi-a Mood For Love. Each swatch is with only one coat, but you can of course apply as many as you like until you're satisfied.

The flakes are beautiful! Application.. You won't get that many flakes if you paint this on normally, and they'll be more far apart as the brush just sweeps them off. Instead I kind of dab the flakes on where I want them. Unfortunately it can get a bit 'gooped' up that way if you're not careful, but simply painting it on normally frustrated me.

If you'd die for gold leafs, or are an OPI or James Bond fanatic you would probably love to have this.. If not, I don't think it's worth almost $40, to be honest! It is nice but it had been hyped up and I was expecting magic to be inside that bottle! I do like it, though..! It's really up to you on whether you think you need it or not!

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