theBalm Overshadows, The Sexpots Series

Today I have theBalm's Overshadows/Sexpots. I'd always been kind of interested in them so I got two of them from theBalm's last Hautelook sale. Here's what theBalm's website says about them:

"The first finely milled all mineral shimmer designed to go over your eyeshadow."
They're $15 from their website for 0.57g, but I got them off Hautelook for just $7.50 each!

The shades I got are No Money, No Honey and Work is Overrated. They come in these cute little plastic jars - each with a pin-up girl. I've mentioned this a few times with other products, but the pin-up girl for No Money, No Honey looks like Mary-Lou Manizer or the pin-up girl on the Sexy Mama powder!

The backs of the jars show the shade names, ingredients, and some other information. You can also see the actual product -  which are loose, mineral shadows that can be used both wet or dry.

No Money, No Honey came with one of those impossible to remove barcode stickers that leave behind an ugly residue much to my displeasure. Work is Overrated didn't have one, though, thank goodness..!

Anyway, these come with a sticker over the three, small openings to the product to prevent any mess. I removed the stickers completely and find that they don't get too messy at all, but you can just peel it off only half way if you like. So first I'll show you swatches of these applied dry and then wet. I just used a small and short, dense shadow brush to swatch.

So here they are just swatched dry. On the left is No Money, No Honey and on the right is Work is Overrated.

No Money, No Honey is described simply as a shimmering gold and Work is Overrated is described as a shimmering pink champagne.. I kind of see it as a light almost taupe-ish color, though.

Swatched dry you can hardly tell a difference between the two, but if you really look there is a slight difference. Dry they're also mostly just shimmer and seem more appropriate for layering. These are described as 'overshadows' though and "designed to go over shadows", keep in mind! Anyway, let's look at these swatched wet..

(Swatched wet and then blended out to the sides)

Swatched wet you can definitely see the difference between the shades better. I've never actually used shadows wet, neither pressed, loose, mineral, or anything, so please excuse the poor application!

I'm still playing around a bit with these, but for the most part I like them! I really like to use them in the inner corners of my eyes or right in the middle of my lid to bring some light to my eyes. I'll keep experimenting with them, though! I've yet to try them over a separate shadow, so it will be interesting to see the result! :)

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