November Empties

The months go by so fast, don't they? I mean, it will be Christmas in a few weeks! Anyway, I finished up a few products this month and they're all skincare related in some way or another.

Pictured: Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Moisturizing Lotion, Lancome Absolue Eyes Precious Cells, Avon Solutions Nutura Replenishing Cream, Nivea Gentle Toner, Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Wanted by Jesse McCartney Shower Gel
So, the Avon Cherry Ice lotion came in a set with the matching exfoliating scrub from my October empties. Didn't really like the scrub and didn't really like the lotion, either. It was just too runny for me.. I prefer a thicker almost balm-like formula for my.. feet. If you didn't know, I hate feet. They're weird and gross and I don't care whose they are, they could be mine or.. or Jesse McCartney's! and I'll still freak out. Moving on..
I really loved this deluxe sample of Lancome's Absolue Eyes Precious Cells eye cream. I've been scraping at the sides trying to salvage the last of it but sadly it's finished. A full size of this eye cream is about $120 - a little out of my price range. Okay - a lot out of my price range. I can't even imagine spending that much for it if I had the money! Luckily I've been trying out a new eye cream that I'm liking quite a bit so far, though.
This is the second jar of Avon's Nutura Replenishing Cream I've gone through, and I've already started on my third. I really like this stuff! It's a nice moisturizer and it also helps clear pimples when I get them even, though it's not what it's marketed for. I'm down with that.
Speaking of seconds, this is my second bottle of Nivea's Gentle Toner, and I've also started on my third one. I wrote a small review of it way back here. Back then I didn't think I would repurchase because I didn't find it neccessary but here I am with my third bottle..! It's become a part of my skincare routine!
Ah, how I love Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. This is a lovely, lovely moisturizer, especially for the daytime. It sinks in immediately and does its job wonderfully. I'm quite sad about finishing this one up! I'm also sad that there's a bit more product in the bottle that I can't get out..! This one is more in my price range, though, and I may just splurge on it in the future.. It's $28US, but it's not on Sephora's Canadian website so I'm not sure of its price here. One way or another me and this product will meet again, though.
And last is Jesse McCartney's Wanted Shower Gel. Hmm.. I love Jesse McCartney, but his fragrance isn't really my favorite. It kind of smells more like a cologne then a womens scent - either way it does smell good, though! Just not my favorite. Anyway, I didn't really like the shower gel just because I find it.. strange. It really was a gel consistency.. A really.. weird gel consistency.. And it didn't lather up all that well. Also the bottle made me want to hit my head on the tub. As soon as you unscrew the cap it comes running out. You get too much of it and it's messy and difficult to screw the cap back on. It just stressed me out, okay?

Tarte on Hautelook

When I saw this I rushed onto blogger to share with you guys! Tarte is going to be on Hautelook Thursday (today!) until Saturday. It begins at 8AM Pacific and will end at 8AM Pacific on Saturday.

Tarte is a brand I'd really like to try out.. Unfortunately I'm running a bit tight on money after my trip to Boston and doing some Christmas shopping! From the looks of the preview it looks like there are some good gifts or stocking stuffers you could give, though! :)

If you don't already have an account on Hautelook you're missing out! I know I was before I signed up! You can save up to 75% with the deals they have. I mostly buy makeup, but I've also gotten some really awesome wedges! They pretty much have something for everyone! So if you want, you can go ahead and sign up here!

OPI The Spy Who Loved Me

Originally, I wasn't going to get anything from OPI's Skyfall collection -  but I saw this shade swatched and thought it would be an awesome polish to wear for the holidays!

This is The Spy Who Loved Me, which is a gorgeous red with lots of golden shimmer. It somewhat reminds me of candy apples..!

Here's the swatches! Application was very nice and smooth. The left is just one coat while the right is with two coats. You can definitely wear this polish with just one coat. With one coat I find that it's not as red as it is with two, though, so it's up to you how many coats of it you want to wear.

I'd also like to point out that this photo was taken with flash, and in real life I find that it's a bit darker..!

November Favorites

For my favorites this month I chose five products, which, clockwise are Victoria's Secret Hello Darling Fragrance Mist, theBalm Cabana Boy, Rosebud Salve, Avon's Precision Grip Teardrop Blender, and my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

I got the Hello Darling mist on my Boston trip (we don't have a VS where I live) when there was a 5 for $30 deal. I also got the matching hydrating body lotion and then my mom got the other three products! Hello Darling is a floral type fragrance with notes of white nectarine and peony. It's quite soft and smells really nice (I'm no fragrance expert, forgive me haha), and it's about the only scent I've been wearing this month. It's really lovely!

I wrote a review of theBalm's Cabana Boy here if you'd like to check it out. It's a beautiful blush and perfect for the fall and even winter. It gives a nice and natural flush, but you can also build it up however you please!

Next is my beloved Rosebud Salve. I also got this during my trip since it's not available where I live. I've wanted this product for a very long time for my poor lips after hearing all the positivity towards it. After finally trying it out I'd have to add to that positivity! This is a really wonderful product and my lips love it! It's also a multi-purpose product so you can use it places like your cuticles or dry elbows..! Also, during the colder months my nose gets terribly runny (blaaaahhh) and with all of the constant tissues and rubbing it gets very red and irritated. I put a little of this around my nose when it gets really uncomfortable and it really helps to soothe it! I wish I had gotten this product much sooner. It's become a 'beloved' product of mine already.

I don't include tools in my favorites that much but here's one! I brought this Avon blender on my Boston trip and I've still been using it ever since. I've currently been using it with my liquid foundation and it gives a super nice, almost flawless finish! In photos I've taken where I had applied my foundation with this my skin can look almost airbrushed! I just dampen this a little bit and then dab and blend the foundation into my skin. This sponge is awesome and much cheaper then a Beauty Blender!

And my last favorite is my Naked 2 palette. I also brought this on my Boston trip. This palette is just kind of my go-to. I think it will be really nice to transition into Winter with! The shades are cooler so I've always kind of associated this palette with colder weather.. like we have now!

China Glaze Fast Track

I finally found it!!

Fast Track is from the Hunger Games collection from, I believe, last spring. It was a shade I really wanted but was unfortunately sold out. Ever since I've looked everywhere for it! Anywhere China Glaze was sold I would look through every bottle to see if Fast Track could be hiding somewhere.

On Tuesday I was finally able to find it at Cosmo Prof (a beauty suppliers store my mother goes to). It was at the front of the rack and there was only one bottle of it. I had come to kind of memorize what it looked like.. but many times I mistook other polishes for it, so I was expecting it not to be Fast Track. It was, though. And I'm pretty sure I jumped for joy and did a happy dance. It was a miracle, haha! I had been searching for it for months and there it was just waiting for me :)

Here's a nail wheel swatch - isn't it pretty? I think it will be a really nice color for the upcoming holidays! It's a really lovely nude with golden shimmers. Depending on the lighting and angle it can look a little pink or like a rose gold. It's a stunning polish and I'm so happy to have found it!

Here it is worn (I apologize for my cuticles!). This is only one coat, but I'm sure with two it would be a little bit more noticeable (or something, I can't think of the word..). Application was super nice and easy! If there are any streaks they vanish once dry.

So, to close.. I love Fast Track. A lot.

Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow Trio in Focal Point

While we were at Wrentham Village I also visited the Cosmetics Company Store and found this lovely trio from Smashbox. I quite like Smashbox shadows and the shades in this trio are super nice! The Photo Op trios are $36CA, but I purchased mine for $10!

The shades in the Focal Point trio are Champagne, Flamingo, and Java. As you can see in the photo, you can peel back the sticker for a "get the look".

It's quite basic and simple. I think most people would be able to figure this out without the instructions..! It could be nice for beginners, though I'm sure they've probably seen diagrams like this one a hundred times before! :p

So, here's a nicer look at the shadows - very pretty! Champagne is described as a "shimmery gold beige", Flamingo is described as a "shimmery coral pink", and Java is described as a "deep matte burnt brown". I don't quite see the 'burnt brown' in it.. I just see it as a deep, matte chocolate shade.

Here are the swatches, and I apologize for the quality of the photos! These were done with no primer and one swipe each, excluding Java which I had to build up a little so it was more accurate to the pan.

These shadows are very nice and soft and smooth. Champagne and Flamingo are really nicely pigmented and translate very well onto the skin. Java is a bit more sheer and like I mentioned, needs to be built up to match the shade in the pan. It can also apply a tad uneven sometimes. These things can be pretty common for mattes, though!

Overall, I really like this trio! I'm sure we all have a million neutrals, I know I do, but I think this trio is a nice addition :)

LUSH Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

I've always been interestedin LUSH products so I was sure to visit a store during my Boston trip. I became a bit overwhelmed with all of the different products - soooo many bath bombs!

In the end I just decided to get a lip scrub to try..! I would have loved to get some other things but again, I was pretty overwhelmed! Anyway, the lip scrub I chose was Sweet Lips, which is chocolate and vanilla flavored and scented.

So this product is pretty simple.. "Gently rub a little vanilla and chocolate sugar onto your lips to scrub them soft and smooth." Easy!

I have very dry lips so this product is like Superman! I really like it. It works really well, and I also find that it works better then any home-made lip scrub I've ever made or the toothbrush method. This is a wee bit unfortunate, though, seeing as these Lip Scrubs are about $10! While I love the product I wouldn't repurchase continuously.. More like as a treat now and then to myself and my lips! :)

Once you're done scrubbing you're supposed to lick off the excess. Some might find this a bit odd with the dead skin and all.. but I do lick it off. And it's yummy. Super yummy. I could eat it out of the container.. But I won't.

And of course, I love that this is made in Canada and also fresh and handmade! I didn't take a picture but I also love the sticker on the bottom of the jar showing who made it and when, and when it expires. For example, my jar of Sweet Lips was made by Shannon! :)

So, what are your favorite LUSH products? I'd love to have some ideas of products to try in the future :)

Dior Addict Lipstick in 578 Dior Kiss

I've wanted to try a Dior lipstick for such a long time but there are so many choices! I finally chose Dior Kiss to put on my wishlist after seeing Kate Moss wearing it for a Dior Addict advertisement. So, during my Boston trip I decided to finally purchase it..!

I absolutely love the packaging of these lipsticks! It may be a bit bulky and unnecessary but I love it anyway! I just find it very luxurious and fancy looking.

Here you can see that it's not exactly like a regular lipstick..! I have to admit that when I first got it I couldn't get it open despite knowing how the tube worked! Anyway, moving on, here is some info on the Dior Addict lipstick from Sephora's website:

What it is:
A hydrating lip color.

What it does:
Inspired by the cutting-edge runway fashions of Dior, this hydrating and volumizing formula dresses lips with a veil of addicting color and spectacular shine.

All true!

Dior Kiss is described as a sheer dark pink - pretty spot on. It may not fit the current season very well but it's been on my wishlist since last winter..! So regardless of the season, I love it anyway :)

I love the actual product as well (as you will see below), so I would love to get another shade that's more suited to the season. Perhaps for Christmas?

Here's Dior Kiss worn on my lips. Sheer dark pink, right? It's a very pretty shade! I absolutely love this lipstick and here's why..!

First of all, it just glides on! I wouldn't exactly call it creamy, perhaps more silky? Either way, it glides on and application is easy. I love the texture.

It's also hydrating! A must for dry lips like mine! It feels so nice and moisturizing, and I could probably even get away with skipping lip balm prior - and that's something I always do before lipstick!

I love the glossy finish, and there's no need for topping it with an actual gloss (though, I wouldn't anyway). It's also very comfortable to wear! Again - it gives that hydrating feel! It also just feels, well, luxurious.

This wore for about two hours, and over that time lost some of its shine but that's really no problem for me personally.

Overall, I'm in love with this product! I would absolutely love to get more, as well as try out some of Dior's other lip products!

If you have one, what was your first Dior lipstick? :)

Giorgio Armani Gloss D'Armani in Pink 510

On my Boston trip we visited Wrentham Village, which is a premium outlet mall for those of you who don't know. I was able to find this pretty Giorgio Armani gloss for only $10 at the Lancome Designer Fragrances & Cosmetics Co., while the full price is $28.

As you know, I'm not a gloss person but I swatched this just for fun and was surprised to see that it was a more opaque gloss. Since it was so cheap I decided to go ahead and get it!

Like many lipglosses it comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator. The applicator is quite flexibe which makes application nice and easy! I also find that you get enough product on the wand the first time around so you don't need to go back for more.

This gloss does have a bit of a scent. What comes to mind for me is 'grandma', 'expensive', 'wine', and 'raspberries'. I've sniffed this many times trying to figure out just what it smells like but to no success. My mother thinks that it smells minty and nothing like raspberries, though - while I think it smells nothing like mints..! So I guess it's up to your own nose whether the scent would irritate you or not.

I find it also has a slight taste which is kind of yucky to me and again, 'expensive' tasting - if you have any idea what I mean, haha!

Upon first application I find that the gloss is somewhat sticky, but it's not the most uncomfortable stick I've come across. As you wear it, though, I find it becomes simply more tacky then sticky. Overall, it's not my favorite texture/feeling but it's not as bad as others and is tolerable - I find that it becomes more comfortable to wear as time passes.

Pink 510, to me, is a plummy pink with some sparkle. The sparkle isn't noticeable on the lips, though, and simply offers shine. This is a more opaque gloss as you can see, but it does still sheer out on the lips.

Here's a lip swatch so that you can see what I mean. It doesn't entirely sheer out but it obviously doesn't stay as opaque, either. It just leaves behind a slight tint of color. Alone it just looks very natural, but I think it would be nice for layering over lipsticks..! What do you think?

Urban Decay Feminine Palette

When Urban Decay came out with their new Fun, Dangerous, and Feminine palettes I was instantly drawn to the Feminine one. I've always loved the original Feminine palette and wished it was mine - so I was excited to see it revamped with shades that I prefer over the original!

I didn't exactly plan on getting this palette but while I was in Boston I swatched it in Sephora and fell in love with the amazing quality of the shadows and the shades. After some shopping I ran back and bought it, so it was somewhat an impulse buy! I'm very happy that I got it, though!

The new Feminine palette comes in a zippered pouch while the original was a cardboard palette (like the original Naked palette).  I think the packaging is super cute and all, but I can get annoyed with zippering and unzippering it!

Once unzippered the six shadows and mini Lip Junkie gloss are revealed. The shadows included are Bordello, Skimp, AC/DC, Gunmetal, Hijack, and Lost. The mini Lip Junkie is in the shade Wallflower. If it were up to me I personally would have preferred a brush or liner instead of the gloss!

Something neat about this palette is that you can remove the piece holding the shadows and gloss from the pouch and then re-use it! It can be a bit tricky to remove so be careful not to nick any of the shadows! I don't see myself re-using the pouch but I do think it's a neat touch. Now let's get to closer looks of the actual products!

"Like dim lights and your secret desires, this ultra-feminine palette of shimmering neutral and smoky hues sets you all aglow. Tease with subtle almost-bare effects, or vamp it up."
I think that the shadows included are absolutely gorgeous! I really love each one of them! Like it's described it's easy to create a very subtle look or smoke it up and make it more dramatic.

From left to right is Bordello, Skimp, AC/DC, Gunmetal, Hijack, and Lost. These are all swatched without primer with only swipe, excluding Skimp which I used two swipes for.
Bordello is described as a "pale mauve shimmer with gold micro-glitter". Skimp is described as a "light peachy pearl", but I don't see much peach in it myself. AC/DC is described as a "smoky greyish purple shimmer". Gunmetal is described as a "dark metallic grey shimmer with silver micro-glitter", but I don't notice the glitter in it like I do in Bordello. Hijack is described as a "deep metallic teal shimmer", and Lost is described as a "medium metallic brown shimmer".
The glitter in Bordello was slightly gritty and made the shadow clump together a little bit which you may be able to see in the photos (remember that you can click to enlarge!). Skimp isn't as pigmented as the other shades and is more sheer. It's also a bit more powdery then the others. The other four shades are lovely, though, and I don't have any problems with them! I absolutely love the finishes of them!
Urban Decay shadows are my favorites and these shadows reinforce that! They just have the most lovely texture and payoff! I feel like I only need to describe them in one word, which is wonderful. Now for the gloss..
I've reviewed the Lip Junkie gloss before, which you can find here. My opinions remain the same but obviously Wallflower is a different color!
Wallflower is described as a "nude, creamy pink". On my lips it sheers out and doesn't offer much color, just a bit of glossy-ness. Like I said before I would have liked to recieve a small brush or liner instead.
Overall I'm very happy with this palette and I'm glad that I did get it! I purchased mine in the states for $36, but in Canada it's $40. So, do you plan on getting or have any of the new Dangerous, Fun, or Feminine palettes? :)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams were something that I wanted to try out for quite a long time. NYX isn't available where I live so the only option would be to order online which I thought would be kind of a hassle. While I was in Boston, though, I came across a few of their products including the lip creams!

I purchased mine in the shade San Paulo from Urban Outfitters for $6. They only had about three shades available which didn't include the one I was most interested in - Antwerp. I'm quite happy with San Paulo, though!

The Soft Matte Lip Creams come in a standard tube with doe-foot applicator. I think the packaging is cute and the applicator works well! I find there's usually enough product on the wand the first time to entirely cover your lips as well.

(Taken with flash.)
San Paulo is a nice, blue based hot pink. I find that the swatch of it on the NYX website looks nothing like it.
These have an interesting consistency. It's "not a lipstick, nor a gloss" and is "like nothing you've ever experienced before!" - which I agree with. They're described as a "lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte", which I would also agree with except I don't find them to be completely matte or as matte as I'd like.
These do give a strange feeling to my lips, though. It gives me the same feeling I get when I use Clinique's Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips to remove stubborn lip colors. I really don't know how to describe the feeling but I'm not too fond of it! It feels like there's something on my lips.. perhaps like a film? It's only noticeable for a moment, though, so it's not a big problem.
As for staying power I think it's quite good! I wore this all night and it had left a bit of a stain on my lips when it came time to remove my makeup and wash my face. The next morning there was still a slight tint of it left behind!
I really like this product, though, and would love to try other shades eventually! I'd really like to get my hands on Antwerp!

Preview of Upcoming Posts

Hello everyone! I got back home from Boston Monday night, and I'm excited to finally get some new posts up. I had a great time and did lots of shopping, which (of course) included makeup!

So, this post will just be a preview of the products that will be in upcoming posts! With that said I leave you with this picture:

Check back with me soon for reviews and swatches..!

What I'm Taking To Boston

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Boston for the weekend and I've been busy getting ready for the trip. So, today I thought that I would show you what makeup I'll be taking with me!

This is the makeup bag I'll be using. It's not too big and not too small - just a good little size! I did my best to only pack what I need and not pack a million blushes and eyeshadows or anything.. When I was finished it was a bit tricky to zipper the bag shut.. Whoops. Anyway..
These are the brushes/tools I'll be bringing: Quo Blush Brush, Crown Brush Contour Brush, my Quo leopard print kabuki, a fluffy Lancome eyeshadow brush, and my Avon Teardrop Blender.
For base makeup I have my Revlon PhotoReady Concealer and ColorStay foundation. I also brought my Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation to conceal my dark marks, as well as my theBalm Time Balm Primer and Sexy Mama powder. I also plan on bringing my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray but I'll be packing it with my skincare items.
I'm bringing one blush that will pretty go with everything, which is my theBalm Cabana Boy blush. I also have my theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer and Bahama Mama bronzer.
For shadows I'll just be taking my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Obviously it doesn't fit into the makeup bag, though..!
As for other eye products I have my TIGI Perfect Eyeliner, Lancome Artliner, Maybelline Illegal Length mascara and Define-a-Brow pencil, and my Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
I love my lip colors so it was hard to choose just two..! I'm just going to bring my Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 07 for a nude option, and my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Crush for a deeper lip.
I tried to only pack what I need, yet it seems like so much! I may end up leaving out the bronzer and brush as contouring isn't a must for me. I also might replace my Mary-Lou Manizer with a more size friendly option like my mini Benefit High Beam. Otherwise this is what I'll be bringing for the most part..!

Empties from October

I finished up four products during October.. Nothing too exciting, as usual. Just skincare/bodycare/whatever you wanna call it.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes: I really liked these but I don't like the price. I'll stick to my Clean & Clear wipes and treat myself to these ones every once in a while.

Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Exfoliating Scrub: Meh, didn't really like this but I used it up. I hate feet, they're just so weird and gross and I just hate them! I don't even like looking at or touching my own feet! So I at least try to make them look as nice as a foot can look.. This scrub was too gentle, though!

Cherry Carmex: Meh. I see people swear by their Cherry Carmex but it was just, well, meh for me. Won't be repurchasing.

Bioderma Sebium AKN: And I also finished up another sample of this. Not sure if I would purchase this.