China Glaze Fast Track

I finally found it!!

Fast Track is from the Hunger Games collection from, I believe, last spring. It was a shade I really wanted but was unfortunately sold out. Ever since I've looked everywhere for it! Anywhere China Glaze was sold I would look through every bottle to see if Fast Track could be hiding somewhere.

On Tuesday I was finally able to find it at Cosmo Prof (a beauty suppliers store my mother goes to). It was at the front of the rack and there was only one bottle of it. I had come to kind of memorize what it looked like.. but many times I mistook other polishes for it, so I was expecting it not to be Fast Track. It was, though. And I'm pretty sure I jumped for joy and did a happy dance. It was a miracle, haha! I had been searching for it for months and there it was just waiting for me :)

Here's a nail wheel swatch - isn't it pretty? I think it will be a really nice color for the upcoming holidays! It's a really lovely nude with golden shimmers. Depending on the lighting and angle it can look a little pink or like a rose gold. It's a stunning polish and I'm so happy to have found it!

Here it is worn (I apologize for my cuticles!). This is only one coat, but I'm sure with two it would be a little bit more noticeable (or something, I can't think of the word..). Application was super nice and easy! If there are any streaks they vanish once dry.

So, to close.. I love Fast Track. A lot.


  1. So pretty! Looks great alone and would be nice on top of many colors. x

  2. Great shade, it looks like it would be nice layered with other polishes or just on the tips :)


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