LUSH Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

I've always been interestedin LUSH products so I was sure to visit a store during my Boston trip. I became a bit overwhelmed with all of the different products - soooo many bath bombs!

In the end I just decided to get a lip scrub to try..! I would have loved to get some other things but again, I was pretty overwhelmed! Anyway, the lip scrub I chose was Sweet Lips, which is chocolate and vanilla flavored and scented.

So this product is pretty simple.. "Gently rub a little vanilla and chocolate sugar onto your lips to scrub them soft and smooth." Easy!

I have very dry lips so this product is like Superman! I really like it. It works really well, and I also find that it works better then any home-made lip scrub I've ever made or the toothbrush method. This is a wee bit unfortunate, though, seeing as these Lip Scrubs are about $10! While I love the product I wouldn't repurchase continuously.. More like as a treat now and then to myself and my lips! :)

Once you're done scrubbing you're supposed to lick off the excess. Some might find this a bit odd with the dead skin and all.. but I do lick it off. And it's yummy. Super yummy. I could eat it out of the container.. But I won't.

And of course, I love that this is made in Canada and also fresh and handmade! I didn't take a picture but I also love the sticker on the bottom of the jar showing who made it and when, and when it expires. For example, my jar of Sweet Lips was made by Shannon! :)

So, what are your favorite LUSH products? I'd love to have some ideas of products to try in the future :)

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  1. That looks delicious! Haven't tried LUSH, but I bet I would love the lip scrubs.


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