November Empties

The months go by so fast, don't they? I mean, it will be Christmas in a few weeks! Anyway, I finished up a few products this month and they're all skincare related in some way or another.

Pictured: Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Moisturizing Lotion, Lancome Absolue Eyes Precious Cells, Avon Solutions Nutura Replenishing Cream, Nivea Gentle Toner, Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Wanted by Jesse McCartney Shower Gel
So, the Avon Cherry Ice lotion came in a set with the matching exfoliating scrub from my October empties. Didn't really like the scrub and didn't really like the lotion, either. It was just too runny for me.. I prefer a thicker almost balm-like formula for my.. feet. If you didn't know, I hate feet. They're weird and gross and I don't care whose they are, they could be mine or.. or Jesse McCartney's! and I'll still freak out. Moving on..
I really loved this deluxe sample of Lancome's Absolue Eyes Precious Cells eye cream. I've been scraping at the sides trying to salvage the last of it but sadly it's finished. A full size of this eye cream is about $120 - a little out of my price range. Okay - a lot out of my price range. I can't even imagine spending that much for it if I had the money! Luckily I've been trying out a new eye cream that I'm liking quite a bit so far, though.
This is the second jar of Avon's Nutura Replenishing Cream I've gone through, and I've already started on my third. I really like this stuff! It's a nice moisturizer and it also helps clear pimples when I get them even, though it's not what it's marketed for. I'm down with that.
Speaking of seconds, this is my second bottle of Nivea's Gentle Toner, and I've also started on my third one. I wrote a small review of it way back here. Back then I didn't think I would repurchase because I didn't find it neccessary but here I am with my third bottle..! It's become a part of my skincare routine!
Ah, how I love Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. This is a lovely, lovely moisturizer, especially for the daytime. It sinks in immediately and does its job wonderfully. I'm quite sad about finishing this one up! I'm also sad that there's a bit more product in the bottle that I can't get out..! This one is more in my price range, though, and I may just splurge on it in the future.. It's $28US, but it's not on Sephora's Canadian website so I'm not sure of its price here. One way or another me and this product will meet again, though.
And last is Jesse McCartney's Wanted Shower Gel. Hmm.. I love Jesse McCartney, but his fragrance isn't really my favorite. It kind of smells more like a cologne then a womens scent - either way it does smell good, though! Just not my favorite. Anyway, I didn't really like the shower gel just because I find it.. strange. It really was a gel consistency.. A really.. weird gel consistency.. And it didn't lather up all that well. Also the bottle made me want to hit my head on the tub. As soon as you unscrew the cap it comes running out. You get too much of it and it's messy and difficult to screw the cap back on. It just stressed me out, okay?

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