November Favorites

For my favorites this month I chose five products, which, clockwise are Victoria's Secret Hello Darling Fragrance Mist, theBalm Cabana Boy, Rosebud Salve, Avon's Precision Grip Teardrop Blender, and my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

I got the Hello Darling mist on my Boston trip (we don't have a VS where I live) when there was a 5 for $30 deal. I also got the matching hydrating body lotion and then my mom got the other three products! Hello Darling is a floral type fragrance with notes of white nectarine and peony. It's quite soft and smells really nice (I'm no fragrance expert, forgive me haha), and it's about the only scent I've been wearing this month. It's really lovely!

I wrote a review of theBalm's Cabana Boy here if you'd like to check it out. It's a beautiful blush and perfect for the fall and even winter. It gives a nice and natural flush, but you can also build it up however you please!

Next is my beloved Rosebud Salve. I also got this during my trip since it's not available where I live. I've wanted this product for a very long time for my poor lips after hearing all the positivity towards it. After finally trying it out I'd have to add to that positivity! This is a really wonderful product and my lips love it! It's also a multi-purpose product so you can use it places like your cuticles or dry elbows..! Also, during the colder months my nose gets terribly runny (blaaaahhh) and with all of the constant tissues and rubbing it gets very red and irritated. I put a little of this around my nose when it gets really uncomfortable and it really helps to soothe it! I wish I had gotten this product much sooner. It's become a 'beloved' product of mine already.

I don't include tools in my favorites that much but here's one! I brought this Avon blender on my Boston trip and I've still been using it ever since. I've currently been using it with my liquid foundation and it gives a super nice, almost flawless finish! In photos I've taken where I had applied my foundation with this my skin can look almost airbrushed! I just dampen this a little bit and then dab and blend the foundation into my skin. This sponge is awesome and much cheaper then a Beauty Blender!

And my last favorite is my Naked 2 palette. I also brought this on my Boston trip. This palette is just kind of my go-to. I think it will be really nice to transition into Winter with! The shades are cooler so I've always kind of associated this palette with colder weather.. like we have now!

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