Tarte on Hautelook

When I saw this I rushed onto blogger to share with you guys! Tarte is going to be on Hautelook Thursday (today!) until Saturday. It begins at 8AM Pacific and will end at 8AM Pacific on Saturday.

Tarte is a brand I'd really like to try out.. Unfortunately I'm running a bit tight on money after my trip to Boston and doing some Christmas shopping! From the looks of the preview it looks like there are some good gifts or stocking stuffers you could give, though! :)

If you don't already have an account on Hautelook you're missing out! I know I was before I signed up! You can save up to 75% with the deals they have. I mostly buy makeup, but I've also gotten some really awesome wedges! They pretty much have something for everyone! So if you want, you can go ahead and sign up here!

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