Urban Decay Feminine Palette

When Urban Decay came out with their new Fun, Dangerous, and Feminine palettes I was instantly drawn to the Feminine one. I've always loved the original Feminine palette and wished it was mine - so I was excited to see it revamped with shades that I prefer over the original!

I didn't exactly plan on getting this palette but while I was in Boston I swatched it in Sephora and fell in love with the amazing quality of the shadows and the shades. After some shopping I ran back and bought it, so it was somewhat an impulse buy! I'm very happy that I got it, though!

The new Feminine palette comes in a zippered pouch while the original was a cardboard palette (like the original Naked palette).  I think the packaging is super cute and all, but I can get annoyed with zippering and unzippering it!

Once unzippered the six shadows and mini Lip Junkie gloss are revealed. The shadows included are Bordello, Skimp, AC/DC, Gunmetal, Hijack, and Lost. The mini Lip Junkie is in the shade Wallflower. If it were up to me I personally would have preferred a brush or liner instead of the gloss!

Something neat about this palette is that you can remove the piece holding the shadows and gloss from the pouch and then re-use it! It can be a bit tricky to remove so be careful not to nick any of the shadows! I don't see myself re-using the pouch but I do think it's a neat touch. Now let's get to closer looks of the actual products!

"Like dim lights and your secret desires, this ultra-feminine palette of shimmering neutral and smoky hues sets you all aglow. Tease with subtle almost-bare effects, or vamp it up."
I think that the shadows included are absolutely gorgeous! I really love each one of them! Like it's described it's easy to create a very subtle look or smoke it up and make it more dramatic.

From left to right is Bordello, Skimp, AC/DC, Gunmetal, Hijack, and Lost. These are all swatched without primer with only swipe, excluding Skimp which I used two swipes for.
Bordello is described as a "pale mauve shimmer with gold micro-glitter". Skimp is described as a "light peachy pearl", but I don't see much peach in it myself. AC/DC is described as a "smoky greyish purple shimmer". Gunmetal is described as a "dark metallic grey shimmer with silver micro-glitter", but I don't notice the glitter in it like I do in Bordello. Hijack is described as a "deep metallic teal shimmer", and Lost is described as a "medium metallic brown shimmer".
The glitter in Bordello was slightly gritty and made the shadow clump together a little bit which you may be able to see in the photos (remember that you can click to enlarge!). Skimp isn't as pigmented as the other shades and is more sheer. It's also a bit more powdery then the others. The other four shades are lovely, though, and I don't have any problems with them! I absolutely love the finishes of them!
Urban Decay shadows are my favorites and these shadows reinforce that! They just have the most lovely texture and payoff! I feel like I only need to describe them in one word, which is wonderful. Now for the gloss..
I've reviewed the Lip Junkie gloss before, which you can find here. My opinions remain the same but obviously Wallflower is a different color!
Wallflower is described as a "nude, creamy pink". On my lips it sheers out and doesn't offer much color, just a bit of glossy-ness. Like I said before I would have liked to recieve a small brush or liner instead.
Overall I'm very happy with this palette and I'm glad that I did get it! I purchased mine in the states for $36, but in Canada it's $40. So, do you plan on getting or have any of the new Dangerous, Fun, or Feminine palettes? :)


  1. Lost is beautiful! Urban Decay makes lovely palettes x

    1. I know! I think it has to be my favorite of the six :)


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