KATE Cheek Color Review & Swatches

This past week a family friend was here visiting from Hong Kong. He had asked if there was anything each of us wanted him to bring down and I asked if it'd be possible to try out some makeup..! I've always wanted to try out some Asian brands, and I was very excited when he arrived with a cleanser, eyeliner, blush, and eyeshadow. I'll have posts of each of these, but the first one I'll be posting on is the blush!

The blush he brought me is by KATE, which is a brand I have heard of and am somewhat familiar with.. I mostly hear things about their shadows and liners, though! Anyway, the shade he brought is OR-1.

These blushes come with two shades.. OR-1 contains a light peachy pink and then a darker peach shade. Also included is a brush, which is surprisingly very nice..! Why aren't our included drugstore brushes like this? While the brush is nice it's too small to apply blush with, though.
The packaging is just a small, plastic compact that fits into the palm of my hand. It snaps shut and can be a bit tricky to open..! It's very simple packaging, but kind of sleek looking as well.
The texture of this blush kind of reminds me of Covergirl Cheekers blushes off the top of my head.. It's pretty firmly pressed but not too hard nor too soft.. Here it is swatched, as well as both separate shades swatched:
They're light shades to begin with and are kind of hard to see, especially in pictures, but they do have pretty good pigmentation.. From left to right is both shades mixed together, the light pink shade, and then the peach shade.
Together they make a nice, glowing natural shade. It's pretty sheer, and well, natural looking. I've actually used this kind of like a highlight when I wanted something more subtle as opposed to something like theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer. On my cheeks, though, as a blush the actual color doesn't show up all that much.. Again, it's very natural. I applied a few layers but it's a blush that's not very noticeable. After a few hours wear I couldn't see a trace of ever wearing anything. I believe that it would show up much better on lighter skintones.
So, if you're looking for a more pigmented or dramatic blush this probably isn't for you..! Of course you could always try using it like a highlighter like I did, though!
(Edit: Out of curiosity I decided to try this out with the included brush.. What a difference! The peachy color showed up much better on my cheeks, and while it was still quite natural it was definitely more noticeable. It also didn't seem to pick up as much shimmer. If it makes a difference I also swirled the brush into the product rather then sweeping it side to side like I had done before with my own brush (I used a QUO blush brush). This brush is still too small for my liking but it works better..! I'm going to say it again.. Why don't our drugstore products have included brushes as nice as this one?!)

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