Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas today!

Here I am in my festive sweater with our little tree - I'm only 5"1 and it's still a bit shorter then I am! As a kid, we always got very tall trees that we had to hang from the cathedral ceilings! Recently, we've been getting a smaller tree every year though.. It was just too much hassle having to bring a ladder in and hang a tree!

Again I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas with family and friends. We just sat around watching Animal Planet and eating turkey. We also had cake as it's also my nanny's birthday! She's 85 today!

Here's my little pile of gifts! ...Makeup of course! As well as Sephora samples! Hot Mama blush I actually purchased on Black Friday. It took so long to arrive that when it did I figured that I would just wrap it up..!

I also recieved another smaller traincase since my mother remembered me saying mine couldn't hold anything else..! She also got me some rollerblades (not pictured)! I loved rollerblading when I was younger and when I grew out of them we discovered they had become quite hard to find..! You could only find expensive ones, so I was excited to have gotten a pair! My brother got me a super cute Yoshi backpack - it's pretty teeny (camera is a perfect fit!), so I will most likely just use him as a cuddle buddy :')

Other lovely gifts are a Sigma brush (also purchased this from Black Friday and took forever to arrive..!), a scarf, earrings and necklace from one of my best friends Reena, cat mugs from my best friend Megan as well as some Hello Pandas and some kleenex..! It's become kind of a tradition of ours to exchange tissues for gifts - it's a silly story...! :p

Anyway, I'll leave you with this picture.. I'm sure you'll be able to pick out items that will appear in future posts! :)

So once again, I really do hope you enjoyed Christmas this year! What was your favorite gift you gave or received? :)

PS, I'll have a proper list of upcoming posts up tomorrow! :)

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