New Years Eve Nails!

I know, I know.. I didn't clean up entirely, I apologize. I hate doing my nails and I'm lazy, yet I want them done - blah.

Anyway, it's New Years Eve tomorrow so I wanted to change up my nails..! I used Black Cherry Chutney by OPI as a base, and OPI's The Man With The Golden Gun 18k gold topcoat (which you can read my opinion about here). I was originally just going to use a black base but I received Black Cherry Chutney in my Christmas stocking and it's really gorgeous..! I also love how it looks with the gold flakes!

While I was impatiently waiting for my nails to dry and trying not to smudge them I decided to see if there was anything interesting on Facebook (as usual, not really..!), and I saw that the OPI page reccommended wearing The Man With The Golden Gun topcoat for New Years Eve..! I just thought it was kind of funny and neat to see that post after I had just finished doing so. :p

Are you doing anything special to your nails for NYE? :)

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