The holidays are the perfect time to break out the red lips, so today I dug out all of my red lip products (which isn't too many) for this post. I have a lip-liner, three lipsticks, and a gloss to show you! First up is the liner:

Avon Glimmersticks Lip-Liner in Red Brick, $7.99
First of all, you can always get these on sale or with a deal..! I only own two lip liners - a pinky neutral and this one - a red. Lip-liner is something I feel I really don't need and don't want to spend money on so this one is great!

Like the name states it's a brick-red and is matte. I really like the formula and it's easy to use. Lasting power is also really great! Sometimes I just wear this as an all-over lip color, it's really nice, but a little bit drying so be sure to use balm prior.

Next is gloss:

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Cherry Bomb, $9
Confession time: this gloss is pretty old but still going strong! They've repackaged these glosses now and also renamed them, I believe. I prefer this packaging much more, though!

Anyway, this is a bright cherry red, but swatches much more pinky. It mostly sheers out on the lips but does leave a slight tint to the lips. It's a super comfortable gloss and it's also not sticky! Tastes and smells good, too!

Next up, lipsticks:

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red, about $6.97
I really love Revlon's matte lipsticks, and have three other shades. Really Red was kind of an impulse buy, but I don't regret it. It's what it's called - a really red, red! It's quite a classic, pin-up kind of shade. Depending on what you compare it to it can lean more cool toned or more warm toned.

I do love these lipsticks and think the formula is nice but definitely use a balm beforehand, and if needed, exfoliate your lips! This is very long lasting, and left a stain from swatching (swatches at the end of the post!)

Stila Lipstick in Ponytail
And here's my favorite for a 'straight up' red! This is Stila's Ponytail which came in one of Stila's Barbie Loves Stila Paint Cans, which were limited edition, so this lipstick isn't available anymore :(

Ponytail is another classic red. It's more cool toned and has more of a cream finish. Formula is really nice, as well as staying power. It applies feeling almost like a matte, but isn't exactly dry and is comfortable. The swatch of this also stained..!

Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Sugared Maple, $27
Okay, I love this lipstick. I use it carefully and even have a backup..! I never have backups! Well, I got the backup because it came with a GWP but still..! Anyway, this is a sheen lipstick. Lovely formula, easy application, and very comfortable. This is more like a brick red like the Avon lip-liner. I love it lots. It's has a kind of glossier feel then the other two lipsticks so lasting power isn't as long.

Anyway, I find this would be more comfortable to wear for someone who is intimidated by bright reds like the previous two! It's supah nice.

Alrighty, and finally swatches of all of these reds!

 Avon Red Brick, Revlon Really Red, Stila Ponytail, Lancome Sugared Maple, Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Cherry Bomb
You can see here that Cherry Bomb swatches much more pink! Almost fuschia..! You can also see how Avon's Red Brick and Lancome's Sugared Maple are more brick reds, and Revlon's Really Red and Stila's Ponytail are much more bright and.. red.
What's your favorite red lip? :) 

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