Two Polishes For The Holidays!

Hi everyone! Today I just wanted to share two great polishes for the holidays that I picked up today. They're both from the Holiday Joy collection by China Glaze, and they look lovely on their own or paired together!

This is Cranberry Splash (left), and Champagne Kisses (right). Cranberry Splash is a really rich ruby red with very fine and subtle shimmer, with an almost metallic finish. Champagne Kisses is, well, a gorgeous golden glitter polish.

Here's Cranberry Splash with just one coat. I find that it's pretty much opaque with just one but you could use two for good measure. I find that this photo doesn't quite capture the polish correctly, though..!
Anyway, the formula for this polish was great. It wasn't too thick or thin, and applied very well. There was no trouble with bubbling or bad streaking. If you have too much product on the brush it will come out a little streaky, but it's not all that noticeable - I find it more noticeable when at an angle in certain light. I used too much polish on my thumb nail, and made sure to get the right amount for my other nails. Again, it's not noticeable unless you're looking for it or it's at the right angle with the right lighting. It's easy to prevent, though - just make sure to wipe the access off of the brush before painting!
And here's Champagne Kisses, again with just one coat but you can build it up to your liking. First off, I'd like to apologize for my cuticles and such in this photo, sorry!
So what can I say about this one? It's a standard glitter polish - but a good one. The base isn't thick or goopy, and the glitter applies quite evenly. You can easily use this as a polish on its own or for layering over others!
Here are the polishes swatched on a nail wheel. From left to right is Cranberry Splash, Champagne Kisses, and Champagne Kisses layered over Cranberry Splash.
This photo shows Cranberry Splash a little bit more accurately, I think..! Anyway, you can see here how these two polishes look together. Very festive, right? I'm thinking of wearing Cranberry Splashes for Christmas, with Champagne Kisses just near the tips!

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  1. I've wanted Champagne Kisses for a while, it's gorgeous


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