Bad News For Benebabes!

Benefit calls their customers Benebabes, right? I'm positive that I didn't just make that up, ha ha. Anyway, I come with some not so great news! You may have seen already, but Benefit is discontinuing some of their products. Take a peek on their sale page of their website.

Photos taken from Sephora
Among some the products that sadly seem to be getting discontinued are the above: Creaseless Cream Shadows, Moon Beam, Velvet Eyeshadows, Ultra Shine Lip Shine gloss, and the 10 boxed powder.
You can no longer get the Creaseless Cream Shadows or Velvet Eyeshadows online at Sephora, but can still get them from Benefit's website or probably in-store. The other products seem to still be available on Sephora, though.
I'm a bit baffled why they're getting rid of both the cream and regular shadows.. They're in their new kits (World Famous Neutrals), and I've only ever heard raves about the cream shadows. So, are they just reformulating them or something? If you know then please share!
As for other products, though, they seem to be the less popular ones. I never see or hear about the boxed powders in 10 or Thrrrob (which is also being discontinued), nor do I hear much about the other products like the BADgal Kohl Pencil, Matterial Girl setting powder (I'm sad this is being discontinued just because the packaging is adorable!), Bluff Dust, Lip Plump, or Benetint Lip Balm. Along with those products, they also seem to be clearing out some of their kits like Confessions of a Concealaholic and Cabana Glama etc.
Anyway, you can head over to Benefit's site to see the other products on sale that I haven't mentioned. Are any of your favorites there? I've actually alway been quite interested in the 10 powder, even though it's never talked about; I might grab one at Shoppers Drug Mart before it disappears forever..! Otherwise, I'm not too torn up about this news ha ha.
Before I go, if any of these products are just simply on sale and aren't actually getting discontinued please correct me! :)
Update: I just double checked on Benefit's website and it seems only certain shades of the cream and regular eyeshadows are being discontinued. I apologize if I scared you or anything, ha ha! All of the shades are unavailable at the moment on Sephora, though, so I got a little confused. Again, my apologies! ^^"

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