China Glaze Surreal Appeal Swatch & Review

Lots of nail polish posts this month..! And I have yet another for you today:

This is China Glaze's Surreal Appeal from their Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away collection. Out of the twelve polishes in the collection this is the one I wanted the most! 

The place I usually buy my China Glaze polishes from didn't get this collection in for some strange reason so I was a little afraid I would miss out; but I checked in Sally's Beauty Supply today after remembering they also carry CG and was happy to find a bottle! I wish they had a bottle of Water You Waiting For? as well, but sadly they didn't. If I happen to spot it in the future I'll be grabbing it, though! Anyway, back to Surreal Appeal!

Surreal Appeal is described as a rich coral creme. It's a fantastic coral that definitely leans more pink then orange, and borders on neon! I think the promo image for this polish was a bit inaccurate (it looked peachier and more muted) but I still love it!

Here is Surreal Appeal on my nails with two coats. The color is absolutely awesome and will be great for spring! I do probably have some similar colors, though, so I'll be comparing later - if I find any dupes or anything I'll make a new post!

So, not only is this shade awesome but the polish itself is pretty awesome as well. The formula wasn't too thin or thick, but I'd say it was on the thinner side. Just a bit thinner then what I consider a 'happy medium'. 

It was also quite easy to work with. With this polish you'll need two coats. With one coat it's still a bit streaky with some parts of the nail peeking through, but with two you're all good! If you used just one really thick coat you might get away with it, but I'd still go with two. 

What do you think? I know that this color personally has me really wishing for the spring and summer - I can't take anymore of the cold!!


  1. Ohhh this color would be PERFECT for summer! Love it!


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