OPI A Butterfly Moment Review & Swatch

A Butterfly Moment is from OPI's new Mariah Carey collection. I never really thought of her getting a collection and thought it was kind of random, but I suppose it's because she's a new judge on American Idol? Anyway, out of the eight colors in the collection this one was the only one I was interested in. Onto the review..!

I was really annoyed to see that the brush in my bottle had a hair being a rebel. I was still able to paint my nails pretty easily and normally despite it, but I might try and cut it off later or something.

As for the formula: really nice. Not too thin and not too thick, and it applied easy peasy! It's opaque in pretty much one coat but you could use two for good measure. So, overall this polish was pleasant to work with.

Here's the polish on my nails using just one coat. A Butterfly Moment is a pale nude pink with very subtle shimmer and a golden sheen to it. It looks so nice in the bottle, but unfortunately I personally don't like it on me. I feel like the color makes my skin look almost sickly or something, and every time I look at my nails something just seems off. It also looks almost frosty on me and I absolutely hate frost finishes. So lovely formula, but I don't like how it looks on me. If you think it will work for you, though, then I would recommend it! :)

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