Sally Hansen's Strobe Light || A Dupe For My Beloved Teenage Dream?

OPI's Teenage Dream from their Katy Perry collection (released two years ago I think..) is one of my favorite nail polishes. I adore its pink, glittery goodness. Unfortunately, my one bottle of it is running low and also beginning to thicken up a bit.. I haven't used it in a very long time because I don't want it to run out! Instead, I've just always kept my eyes open for a polish similar.. and I think that I've finally found one.

This is Sally Hansen's Strobe Light from the Hard as Nails line. 

I was browsing through frmheadtotoe one day and that is where I discovered this guy. My first thought was "OH MY GOODNESS THAT LOOKS SIMILAR TO TEENAGE DREAM, MUST GET". So the next time I was out I bought a bottle.. :)

Here's Strobe Light and Teenage Dream side by side for comparison. Second photo was meant to be out of focus by the way, ha ha. Anyway, super similar right? How did they compare out of the bottle, though?

In each photo Strobe Light is on the left while Teenage Dream is on the right! I think that they make pretty darn good dupes; except for in the second picture where you can see they're not 100% the same if you look closely. I think the pink base in Strobe Light is perhaps a bit darker then Teenage Dream maybe.. Or it has more pink glitter.. What do you think?

Strobe Light does have a thinner consistency (or maybe my bottle of Teenage Dream has just gotten that thick..) so you need at least two coats for it to look this similar to Teenage Dream.

Anyway, I say that they're like.. 98.5% the same. I don't think you could tell which was which if you didn't know already. So...

I'll gladly accept it as a dupe! :)


  1. I totally agree! Great eye!

  2. I've always wondered if that was a good dupe or not. I sadly never got any colors from the Katy Perry collection..which is crazy because I love her. Teenage Dream has been the one I most kick myself about never buying. So I love that there is a dupe and I am so glad you showed the 2 side by side. I will definitely be picking up a bottle of the SH tomorrow!


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