February Favorites & Empties

It's the end of the month so it's time for another favorite and empties post! Like usual, I'll be starting off with my favorites.

My favorite products for February include the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, TONYMOLY Cats Wink mascara, Urban Decay Feminine Palette, MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte, OPI You Callin' Me a Lyre? polish, MAC Strawberry Malt Lipglass, and OPI The Spy Who Loved Me polish.

Revlon Nearly Naked has easily become my most favorite foundation, so having it as a monthly favorite was a given. You can read my review of it here.

The TONYMOLY Cats Wink mascara is another most favorite I discovered this month. My rave review of it can be found here!

I found myself using Urban Decay's Feminine palette a lot this month. Actually, it was almost the only palette I used! This shadows in this palette have a lovely formula and the shadows are really beautiful. My review and swatches of it are right here.

Next up is MAC's Flatter Me pearlmatte from the Archie's Girls collection. I used this everday (well everyday I wore makeup)! I love using it as either a highlight or blush (or both!). It's so pretty on the face as well as in the pan. The hearts in it make me smile each time I use it, haha. My review of it can be found here.

OPI's You Callin' Me a Lyre? and The Spy Who Loved Me were really nice polishes for February. The Spy Who Loved Me was the perfect polish to wear for Valentines Day, and You Callin' Me a Lyre? is the perfect polish to wear when you want a natural yet polished look to your nails. I don't have a post on You Callin' Me A Lyre?, but you can find my review and swatch of The Spy Who Loved Me here.

And my last favorite for February is MAC'S Strawberry Malt lipglass, which is also from the Archie's Girls collection. I love this gloss, and as you know I'm really not a gloss girl. I've worn this lipglass so much throughout the month. It's really beautiful and easy to wear with lots of different makeup or outfits. I loooove it. My review and swatches of it are here.

Alright, now for the products I finished up this month. I have four, but only three will be pictured.

The products featured here are Lancome's Hypnose Doll Lashes mascara, Soap & Glory's The Scrub Of Your Life, and the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. Not pictured is (you can probably guess) yet another pack of the Clean & Clear Cleansing Wipes.

I loved my Lancome Doll Lashes mascara for a long time. It gave you pretty and fluttery lashes just like a doll. I've kept this tube longer then I really should have, though, and it's also getting pretty dried out. I don't think I would repurchase just because I'm very happy with my TONYMOLY mascara, and there are also lots of other great drugstore mascaras.

This tube of The Scrub Of Your Life by Soap & Glory has lasted forever! I got it back in June and I just recently finished it up so I definitely got my moneys worth! I did really like this scrub but at the moment I won't be repurchasing as I have another scrub to try out.

And my last empty is the Camera Ready BB Cream by Smashbox. I never did write a review for this but I quite liked it. It does a nice job of evening out the complexion, and the finish isn't matte or oily looking - just natural. I used it more in the summer for the SPF and since it was something light to wear with all of the heat. As the colder months came and I became more pale I stopped using it for a bit because it was a bit too dark for me. When I started using it again I just mixed it with some moisturizer to lighten it a bit. I used it a lot in the summer, but I've just been using it on lazy days or natural makeup days. This also lasted forever which is nice since with taxes it came to about $60CA  - yikes. I liked it but not enough to repurchase (especially with that price!).


Hello! Today I jut felt like doing a FOTD post since I liked my makeup today. It's not all that different from what I normally wear.. I just used a darker shadow all over my lid instead of my usual light neutral. (Ahh, my hair seems so flat! I need some volume stat.)

Here's a bit of a closer look at my shadow. Obviously it's nothing too difficult, haha. It's actually two shadows mixed together! I do have something in the crease as well, but it's not very noticeable. Anyway, here's what I wore today:

-theBalm Time Balm Primer
-Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
-MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte
-theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer down the bridge of my nose

-Too Faced Sexspresso Eyeshadow to fill in my brows
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Urban Decay Feminine Palette (Skimp as brow highlight, Hijack and Lost mixed together all over lid - they look really cool together!)
-Too Faced Erotica Eyeshadow lightly in the crease
-Lancome Artliner in Noir
-Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Topaz in waterline
-Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara (awesome stuff!)

-MAC Strawberry Malt Lipglass

Boy, do I love the Strawberry Malt lipglass. It's just so beautiful! I never thought I would like a gloss so much!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

TONYMOLY Cat Chu Wink Gloss AKA The Most Adorable Lip Gloss Ever!

I'll admit it: I bought this lip gloss just for the packaging. Like TONYMOLY's Cats Wink mascara the cap is a little kitty cat. It makes my cat loving heart skip a beat. Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to see the nose and whiskers on the cap, but they are there and they're adorable.

Packaging aside, the actual product is pretty nice. I have the Cat Chu Wink Gloss in the shade Glam Beige, which is just a pinky nude gloss with subtle shimmers.

This gloss comes with a flattened doe-foot applicator which makes application really easy. It's a pretty standard gloss but it's not sticky and is comfortable to wear, which is a plus in my book.

One thing I don't like about it is that it has a kind of artificial fruity scent, and also a bit of a taste. It's kind of bothersome, but I find I'm able to ignore it pretty well.

Swatched it's just very sheer, as you can see here. Luckily, I find that the shimmers in it aren't really noticeable on the lips which is also a plus.

I wouldn't repurchase another of these since I'm not a gloss person and this is quite sheer, but I'm happy to have it in my collection. That kitty just makes me smile everytime I see it :')

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: My New Favorite

At first I wasn't sure if I would try out Revlon's new Nearly Naked foundation or not, but after seeing positive reviews for it start popping up I decided that maybe I would give it a try. And hey, I did kind of need a lighter foundation shade since all the other foundations I have right now are a little bit too dark for my current skin tone.

I purchased my bottle of Nearly Naked in the shade 160 Fresh Beige, for around $10 with tax when it was on sale.

I actually didn't expect to like this foundation as much as I do. It's my new favorite and I think it might just be my all time favorite, as well! Here's some of what Revlon has to say about it:
"Revlon's breakthrough Nearly Naked Makeup balances skin and makeup so they work in perfect harmony. With buildable coverage and seamless blending, you are sure to cover flaws and perfect your skin's tone and texture. No heavy, cakey or greasy mess."
I would say that all of their claims are correct! The coverage is light to medium, as you can build it up a bit if you wish. I find I'm good with just one pretty light layer, though! What I love about this foundation is that it looks natural, like your skin is well, nearly naked! Your skin is able to peek through and it really does look like you're not wearing anything. The only one that has to know you're wearing foundation is you!
It feels weightless on the skin and I can't even tell I'm wearing anything. It's most definitely not heavy, cakey, or greasy! Also, the shade I chose is a really nice match for me at the moment! It comes in 16 shades so hopefully you'll be able to find a suitable one for yourself.
It does a lovely job of simply evening out your skin tone and covering up any redness, all while still looking natural. (I had some before and after photos I took to show you how well it does so, but I look super derpy in them so I decided to leave them out, haha. So just trust me!) The way I like to apply this is by just dotting some on my face and using my Avon Precision Grip Teardrop Blender to blend it in, and just like the claims say, it is really easy to blend! The finish of this foundation is also (you guessed it) very natural. It doesn't look completely matte nor too dewy. In a few reviews I saw some people say that Nearly Naked takes a few minutes to set, feels tacky after application, and that you need to set it with powder but I didn't experience any of that at all! It set wonderfully for me and wasn't at all tacky. I also had no need to set it with powder, though I did apply some to my T-zone where I was a bit more oily. I just like to set this foundation with my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, which I always use.
So, it sounds pretty awesome right? But what about the wear time? Well let me tell you this! Nearly Naked is absolutely fabulous and wears throughout the whole day for me! It looks just as it did when I first applied it even hours after! It's just awesome. I love this foundation. It does everything I want a foundation to do: it doesn't feel heavy at all, looks natural while still evening out my complexion, doesn't transfer, wears all day, and is easy to apply.
My only con is the packaging. It comes in a rectangular glass bottle that I neither love nor hate the look of. What I hate is that it doesn't come with a pump. Why, why, why?? The formula of this foundation is definitely more on the liquid side and it's pretty runny so it's quite hard to try and control how much comes out of the opening. The first time I used it the product came rushing out and I ended up with waaay more then I needed! While this aggravates me it won't stop me from using the actual product because I love it too much.
Have you tried the Nearly Naked foundation? If so, what did you think? If you're interested you can purchase it here from Well.ca (they have free shipping in Canada!)
PS. I'm wearing Nearly Naked in this FOTD! Another pro: I feel I'm able to skip concealer with it!

Hands Off My Kielbasa!

No, but really.. hands off. Get your own bottle, this one is mine. This is OPI's Hands Off My Kielbasa! from the new Euro Centrale collection and I love it.

It's a really nice rosy bronze color with subtle shimmers. For those of you who don't know what a kielbasa is, it's a type of sausage. And as strange as it sounds, I can see where the inspiration for this shade was taken from when looking at pictures of them, haha. I think it's funny to think of this as a sausage inspired polish.

Aside from the pretty color the formula is also really wonderful. It's just the right consistency, not too thin and not too thick, but just right. It's a no fuss formula and applies easy as pie.

Here it is on my nails using only one coat. I think you can most definitely get away with just one coat, but for extra good measure you could use two.

The last thing I want to say about this polish is that I like the finish of it. It doesn't seem to be a standard glossy finish, but instead almost like a satin. I like!

So, what do you think?

Crown Brush on Hautelook

Are you in need of some new makeup brushes? Well, Crown Brush is currently on Hautelook right now!

I have the Contour Blush Brush and the Tapered Duo Fiber Blush Brush pictured here myself and they're quite nice! The Contour Blush Brush is the only brush I use to contour with now.

Head on over and take a looksie, and hopefully they'll have what you're looking for! And if you haven't signed up for Hautelook yet you can do so here! Happy Shopping! :)

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Make Out Red

I actually wouldn't recommend doing any kissing while wearing Avon's new Totally Kissable Lipsticks, but they're still very nice regardless. My kitty Smudge still has a kiss stained on her thanks to the shade Make Out Red, so I would suggest sparing anyone you might want to  kiss with this on.

Avon recently introduced these new lipsticks for "petal soft lips", and apparently 96% of women agreed that their lips felt softer and smoother instantly. Totally Kissable Lipstick is a "full coverage conditioning color infused with fruit enzymes and a blend of natural oils for lips that are visibly fuller, softer and smoother". Avon does make a good lipstick so I decided to try one of them out in what I think is the stand-out shade: Make Out Red.

Make Out Red is a pretty awesome pink, almost fuschia, red. I included two different pictures to try and show this. In the first picture you can see that it looks more fuschia, and in the second much more red. Definitely interesting.

So, before anything let's talk about packaging. It's not my favorite. It's a totally reflective and mirrored silver tube that picks up and shows every single fingerprint. Not my cup of tea. I prefer a plain old, standard black tube. Aside from that though, the cap snaps on very securely and it is a sturdy tube. 

This lipstick has a kind of fruity scent that I could most definitely do without. I'm not sensitive to scents and can tolerate it, but this could probably turn off some people. Fortunately, the scent didn't seem to linger but still.. I don't like it. I also personally didn't notice any taste from this lipstick.

Now let's get to the actual product. This is a really creamy lipstick with some definite slip to it. It's not such a slip that it will go sliding all around your lips and bleed, though.. If you try it out you'll know what I mean. 

It does feel hydrating, but I didn't instantly feel like it made my lips softer or smoother. I also didn't have it on long enough to see if it made my lips "visibly fuller, softer and smoother" afterwards either (I gave my kitty a kiss about 15 minutes into wearing it and she ended up with most of it on her, oops).

Make Out Red totally has full coverage just as Avon claims, and is completely opaque in only one swipe so there's no need to have to build it up. It's a bit of a tricky color to apply because of the creamy formula and bright shade so take your time and use a liner or lip brush if needed to help you out.

The finish of the Totally Kissable Lipsticks are really glossy, as you can see in my lip swatch. It's personally not my favorite finish (I prefer a matte or satin), but it adds a kick; especially to a bright shade like Make Out Red. I like to blot it down, though, which I think looks really nice - so don't let the glossy finish turn you off if you're like me!

Lastly, as you might of picked up on already, this lipstick transfers. I already told you about how I gave my poor cat a kiss (right on the white part of her fur, too!). Even after she ended up with most of the lipstick on her, there was still quite a bit left on my lips. This is when I decided to blot it down and see how it looked that way. I tried to see how many blots it would take until the color no longer transferred and that seemed to go on forever! In the end, Make Out Red also leaves a stain behind. It's a pretty strong stain, too.. You could wear it out as one if you wanted! I had to use a makeup remover for lips as well as a lip scrub to fully remove it - so it's a pretty tough cookie of a stain!

So like I said.. I wouldn't kiss anyone if you're wearing this. Unless you want them going around with a kiss print stain on. On the plus side, if you're eating or drinking or whatever, at least you know the color will still stay put! It's not going anywhere until you decide to take it off!

The Cat's Meow: TONYMOLY Cats Wink Mascara

This is the TONYMOLY Cats Wink Mascara in the Volume & Longlash formula, and I love it. A lot.

And it's not just for the fact that the packaging has a freaking cat on it; that's just a bonus for a crazy cat lady like me. The actual mascara itself is pretty amazing. Sure, I bought it just for the packaging (guilty), but I was surprised to find out just how much I ended up loving the product inside. I think it would have to be my favorite mascara now.. and I think it also might be my holy grail..!

So, here's what the wand looks like and another look at the amazingly adorable packaging. I will hoard this tube long after the product is finished, hehe.

A lot of the mascaras I usually like have a bigger and fatter wand, but Cats Wink has a simple long and thin wand. A lot of mascaras I usually prefer also have a formula more on the dry side, whereas Cats Wink isn't too dry not too wet - I think it's just perfect. So it's a bit different then what I normally like in my mascaras yet it's my favorite now!

Cats Wink does just as it claims - it gives me both volume as well as length! You can usually only get one or the other with most mascaras, or if they claim to give both they do a not so good job on one. Not Cats Wink. It gives awesome volume and awesome length and overall just gives you really awesome lashes.

It also gives you said awesome volume without clumping the lashes together! It separates really nicely, too, and basically it just gives me everything I want!

I really love the wand as well. It's so easy to comb through the lashes and get every one. You usually see bigger wands for volume, yet like I said, this skinny one gives you a ton! Ugh, I just love this mascara SO much. It's totally the cat's meow.

Since it is a product from Asia though it's not available here, which is my only downside. It's also a little pricier then our drugstore mascaras. I got mine for around $12-$15. Even though I don't have easy access to this I love it so much that I would still repurchase it. 

If you're curious where I purchased mine I bought it from one of my favorite stores YesStyle! But you can obviously search around and choose where you want to purchase it if you're interested. I definitely recommend it :3

Beauty Kitten Turns One!

Today makes it one year that I've been beauty blogging! It was kind of an impulse decision, really. I'd always liked makeup and on this day last year I just thought, "Why not share my thoughts?" Beauty Kitten was also a pretty random name, but I thought it was cute..! Anyway, I've had tons of fun blogging and learning new things and I hope to improve throughout my second year! Thank you to all of you who read! :)

To celebrate (I guess), here's an old picture of two of my kitties, Lola and Spike, wearing some Hannah Montana party hats.

I love cats. 

Valentine's Day FOTD & NOTD

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I haven't done a FOTD post in a bit, so I thought I would do so today! Since it is Valentine's, the red lips were a given.

On my face:
-Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Fresh Beige (Review coming soon!)
-MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte as highlighter and blush
-theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer

On my eyes:
-Too Faced Eyeshadow in Sexspresso, used for brows
-Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (Bootycall all over and as highlight, Chopper on outer corner, YDK in crease)
-Lancome Artliner in Noir
-TONYMOLY Cat Wink Mascara (Review coming soon!)

On my lips:
-MAC Ronnie Red lipstick

And here's a less flattering photo showing my nail color which is OPI's The Spy Who Loved Me, from the Skyfall collection.

As you can see, I opted for red instead of pink! Which did you wear this Valentine's Day?

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick Review & Swatches - Archie's Girls

Today I'll be finishing up my posts on the MAC x Archie's Girls collection with the Ronnie Red lipstick, which is from Veronica's side of the collection.

Like the rest of the lipsticks in this collection this is $2oCA and.. Do I even have to say it? You guessed it - it's sold out online. From what I saw it was the lipstick most people wanted from Veronica's side. Hopefully you can track one down at a MAC counter or store, though.

Ronnie Red is a Matte finish and described simply as "bright red", like the Strawberry Malt lipglass. Like I said in that review, this is also a gorgeous pink-red. I've seen some describe it as a strawberry red, as well. 

I really don't have all that much to say about this that I didn't say in my review of Betty Bright. It has that yummy vanilla scent, a really nice formula, is easy to apply etc. There are a few other things I have to say about it, though!

It is a matte lipstick, and I personally found it kind of drying on my lips, but I know of other people who said it didn't feel drying to them at all so it'll be different for everyone. Aside from that, I've tried both good mattes and bad mattes and this is a good one.

The other thing I want to say about Ronnie Red is that it stains. Like, hardcore. When I took arm swatches of it I had to later scrub with the strength of a thousand men to get it off. I took lip swatches too, and ended up just leaving it on and it stayed all day. I mean it. All. Day. And then of course, it left a stain. It's a pretty stain, don't get me wrong, but still a stain. It was still there the next morning! I ended up having to use a makeup remover and a lip scrub to get everything off. Even if you only wear it for like, three minutes though it will leave a stain after you've wiped it off. It's serious business. 

And the last thing I want to add is that I recommend using a lip-liner with this lipstick as it can bleed a bit.

Okie dokie, let's get to swatches already..

Swatched on arm

Applied, no lip-liner

Anyway, I actually love this lipstick so much that I have back-ups of it. Yeah. Plural. Back-upsssss. My awesome uncle was kind enough to bring me not one, but two tubes of Ronnie Red since there are MAC locations where he lives. I never do back-ups so it's quite crazy I have two for this lipstick. It's just such a gorgeous color, though. I almost wanna say that it's perfect..!

MAC Strawberry Malt Lipglass Review & Swatches - Archie's Girls

Today I'll finally be getting into Veronica's side of MAC's Archie's Girls collection with the Strawberry Malt lipglass!

Like Betty's lipglass this is $20CA and, you guessed it, is sold out online. You can try to get your paws on it at a MAC counter.

"High-gloss, glass-like finish tinted with violet, red, and blackened plum - as rich and ravishing as Veronica herself. Wear it alone or pair it with lipstick for a perfectly glossed look."

Like Betty's Kiss & Don't Tell lipglass, I wasn't even considering getting this until I saw swatches of it in this post from Makeup & Beauty Blog. It looked marvelous..!

My review of Strawberry Malt is pretty much the same as Kiss & Don't Tell (click-through to read that review!). This lipglass is a more opaque gloss, wears well, and is super comfortable to wear. It's not sticky at all. The feel of it actually kind of reminds me of how a balm like the Rosebud Salve feels on my lips! Something I forgot to mention in my first lipglass review is that they also have a faint vanilla scent like the MAC lipsticks. I don't find it as noticeable, but it's there.

The only thing I have to add about Strawberry Malt is that I find it can leave a slight stain. I find it actually looks pretty natural, though so it's not an intense stain that you'd run to scrub off.

Alright, let's get to the swatches! Strawberry Malt is described simply as a bright red. It's a really beautiful pinky red, though!

Swatched on my arm


Applied really lightly 

See the pink in it? It's really beautiful! I really like it and think that it would look killer over the Ronnie Red lipstick which I'll be reviewing next!

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick Review & Swatches - Archie's Girls

Today I'll be posting on MAC's Betty Bright lipstick from the Archie's Girls collection. Obviously, it's from Betty's side!

This lipstick is $20CA, and once again, is sold out on the MAC website. You'll need to check in at a counter for availability. This shade was pretty popular, as it was the one people were most excited about from what I've seen. It sold like hot cakes! If I recall it sold out online within about half an hour or less.

Betty Bright is described as a light vibrant peach, and is a Satin finish. In the tube it looks pretty coral, though. It's definitely a more pinky shade.

MAC's lipsticks are very popular so I was really excited to finally try them out! All I ever hear is positive things about them, as well as their vanilla scent. Let me tell you right now that I'm in love with the scent. I'm usually not one for scented lipsticks but MAC's just smell so yummy! I also find the scent lingers around, so I'm smelling bits of vanilla throughout the day and it makes me smile. If you're sensitive to scents and such, though, this may bother you.

Aside from that I'm happy to say that I'm not left unimpressed with this lipstick. It has a lovely formula and application is smooth and easy. It's also comfortable to wear and not drying on my lips. I'm definitely a fan.

So, how about some swatches?

Swatched on arm

Applied generously

Dabbed on

Isn't it pretty? I think I prefer how it looks on me when lightly dabbed on, as I think it may look a little strange on me when applied generously. Not sure yet. Either way, it's pretty and I like it. For an extra kick I think that it would look good topped with the Kiss & Don't Tell lipglass!

MAC Kiss & Don't Tell Lipglass Review & Swatches - Archie's Girls

As you know, I'm not a gloss person. There are two main things that turn me off from them: the sheerness and sticky texture. That isn't the case with this MAC lipglass, though! I found myself really loving it!

This is one of the lipglasses from Betty's side of the Archie's Girls collection - Kiss & Don't Tell. Cute name, right? (The whole collection is cute, what am I saying?)

This lipglass is $20CA, and again is unfortunately sold out on the MAC website; so you'll have to check in at a counter or store for it!

"High-gloss, glass-like finish tinted with pale peach, pink, and coral as sweet as Betty herself. Wear it alone or pair it with Lipstick for a perfectly glossed look."

The shade that I have, Kiss & Don't Tell, is described simply as a bright coral. Another shade that's right up my ally - I love coral lips!

I wasn't considering any of the lipglasses from this collection at all until I saw swatches of it in this post from Makeup & Beauty Blog. I was kind of instantly sold on it..! (As well as Strawberry Malt - review & swatches of that soon!) It seemed more opaque then most glosses and I thought it looked really great! And it is!

Not only is this a more opaque gloss, but it's also very comfortable! This is a definite winner in my book! It's not sticky at all, it's more of a tacky texture if anything but like I said - it's comfortable! And another awesome thing about this gloss is the wear time. It wore really well! Overall, I'm super impressed! I'm definitely a fan of lipglass, now.

And finally, here are some swatches:

Swatched on arm

Applied generously 

Dabbed on

My personal favorite way to wear it is dabbed on - looks more natural but still has a bit of a kick! 

MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte Review & Swatches - Archie's Girls

The first product from the Archie's Girls collection by MAC I'll be posting on is the Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me, which is from Betty's side of the collection. The Pearlmattes are $35CA, and unfortunately both (Flatter Me, as well as Veronica's Blush) are sold out on the MAC website. Hopefully you'll be able to get your hands on it from a MAC counter, though!

To start off I just want to say that the packaging is very sturdy! I saw others concerned that it looked a bit cheap but it definitely isn't! The Pearlmattes feature Betty, Archie, and Veronica on them even though each girl has her own shade. I'm happy about that, though, because I wanted one thing that had the three of them on it together! Alright, moving on!

I was first drawn to this product because of the adorable hearts in the powder! Anyway, here's what the MAC website says about this product:

"Love is in the details with all-new Pearlmatte Face Powder combining pearlized and satin shades to achieve an array of looks. Hearts are adorably stamped onto the base. Effortlessly blends with a rich and creamy texture. Use for highlighting and blush effects or as an Eye Shadow with a velvet-smooth finish."

Now, I know that there seemed to be a lot of confusion about this product and just what exactly it was for. From my understanding it can obviously be used as a subtle highlight or blush; but can also be used all over the face as a sheer veil. It all depends on your preferences as well as your skin-tone. I find I'm able to use this product all three ways.

This Pearlmatte is very finely milled as well as firmly pressed, and doesn't kick up a lot of powder when you dip or swirl your brush into it. I believe it's meant to be a more sheer product with not much pigmentation - and I love it. I love using it as a subtle highlight on the top of my cheekbones, under my brows, and on the bridge of my nose. If I concentrate more on the hearts in the powder then I'm also able to get a sheer blush from it. And lastly, I also like to use it all over the face. It may seem like a bit much, but it's really not! It gives a soft, almost diffused kind of look. And then of course you could also use it as an eye shadow - so it's quite a multipurpose product!

Here's a closer look of the powder. It's seriously cute, isn't it? Flatter Me is described as a golden peach with coral hearts, which I would agree with. The shades are right up my alley. And as far as I can tell the coral hearts go all the way through the powder which makes me happy! Here's some swatches:

Base and Hearts swatched separately 

Swatched together

Since it's a more sheer product it didn't show up in pictures where I had it swatched on my arm, so I had to take pictures of it on my fingers! It's pretty, right?

So, I'm quite pleased with this product! I only got it on Tuesday but I've been wearing it ever since, and I can see myself using it a lot! What do you think? :)

Archie's Girls by MAC!

Look at what I got in the mail yesterday! :'D

I've never purchased MAC before. Ever. While there are permanent products of theirs I'd like to eventually try out, their number of collections kind of turn me off from them. It's like five new collections in a week sometimes! That and things sell out at the speed of light. And so, I have never tried them before. When I heard word of an Archie collection, though, I knew it would be my first MAC purchase.

I've been waiting for this collection ever since it was announced. Archie comics were my life/childhood, and I still love them today! I had to get my hands on something from this collection at least for nostalgia purposes..! As you can see, I ended up with five products, though.. haha. I lost a lot of sleep and sanity waiting for the online launch and as soon as it hit I added these things to my cart faster then I thought humanly possible!

Anyway, here are the products that I got! I got the Kiss & Don't Tell lipglass, Strawberry Malt lipglass, Flatter Me pearlmatte, Betty Bright lipstick, and Ronnie Red lipstick. 

I've taken photos and swatches and now I'm just trying them out; so I should have posts up for each of these soon! If you're interested in hearing about any of these products then keep checking back with me! I'm hoping to get the posts up as soon as possible!

Urban Decay is on Hautelook!

Hey, everyone! If you didn't know already, I just wanted to let you know that Urban Decay is currently on Hautelook!

This time around they've got three different eyeshadow palettes, a few Lip Junkie glosses, a good selection of both the Deluxe Eyeshadows and Stardust Eyeshadows, as well as some cream blushes, false lashes, and travel sized setting sprays! The only things that have sold out so far are the primer potions and a liner duo; so go check it out if you're interested in any of the other products I listed!

Hand It Over Super Moisture Hand Cream by mark.

Winter has left me with very dry hands, which is both uncomfortable and not very visually appealing. I've been trying to find a good hand cream and decided to try this one out from mark. Hand It Over contains 45ml of product and sells for just $4. This hand cream comes in four different scents which are Plum Berry, Vanilla Cream, Lemon Sugar, and Jasmine Petal. The one that I have is in Vanilla Cream.

Let's start out with some information and claims, shall we?

From the mark. Magalog:
"Packed with vitamins and skin conditioners, this luxurious scented cream leaves hands soft, smooth, and moisturized all day."

And from the back of the tube itself:
"This super moisture cream melts into skin to leave hands soft and smooth, providing lasting moisture through the day. In a creamy delicious vanilla scent."

So, I'm actually going to start with the scent of this first. I like vanilla scents so I thought it was a no-brainer to choose this, but I'm left kind of wishing I chose a different scent to try out.

This.. kind of smells like vanilla. I can tell it's trying to smell like vanilla, but to me it's just not all that, well, vanilla-y. It is called Vanilla Cream, though and I suppose it does smell like cream.. I dunno. It's supposed to smell like "frothy milk accord layered over cocoa cream, vanilla orchid and vanilla crystal, all laced with ginger lily, white amber and skin musk for a surprising air of sensuality" and be "vanilla at its most decadent". To me it just smells kind of weird..

Onto the actual product! It's a bit of a thicker cream and it does serve its purpose, but it leaves my hands looking and feeling greasy, as well as, I wanna say tacky. This feeling does eventually go away which is good, but it would be better if it weren't there to begin with.

This cream does soothe my hands and moisturize but it doesn't quite heal them or last all day. It just.. helps. After a while the dryness comes back and I have to reapply and deal with that greasy feeling again.

Overall, it's alright. I'll try to use it up but I personally wouldn't repurchase.