Archie's Girls by MAC!

Look at what I got in the mail yesterday! :'D

I've never purchased MAC before. Ever. While there are permanent products of theirs I'd like to eventually try out, their number of collections kind of turn me off from them. It's like five new collections in a week sometimes! That and things sell out at the speed of light. And so, I have never tried them before. When I heard word of an Archie collection, though, I knew it would be my first MAC purchase.

I've been waiting for this collection ever since it was announced. Archie comics were my life/childhood, and I still love them today! I had to get my hands on something from this collection at least for nostalgia purposes..! As you can see, I ended up with five products, though.. haha. I lost a lot of sleep and sanity waiting for the online launch and as soon as it hit I added these things to my cart faster then I thought humanly possible!

Anyway, here are the products that I got! I got the Kiss & Don't Tell lipglass, Strawberry Malt lipglass, Flatter Me pearlmatte, Betty Bright lipstick, and Ronnie Red lipstick. 

I've taken photos and swatches and now I'm just trying them out; so I should have posts up for each of these soon! If you're interested in hearing about any of these products then keep checking back with me! I'm hoping to get the posts up as soon as possible!

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