Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Make Out Red

I actually wouldn't recommend doing any kissing while wearing Avon's new Totally Kissable Lipsticks, but they're still very nice regardless. My kitty Smudge still has a kiss stained on her thanks to the shade Make Out Red, so I would suggest sparing anyone you might want to  kiss with this on.

Avon recently introduced these new lipsticks for "petal soft lips", and apparently 96% of women agreed that their lips felt softer and smoother instantly. Totally Kissable Lipstick is a "full coverage conditioning color infused with fruit enzymes and a blend of natural oils for lips that are visibly fuller, softer and smoother". Avon does make a good lipstick so I decided to try one of them out in what I think is the stand-out shade: Make Out Red.

Make Out Red is a pretty awesome pink, almost fuschia, red. I included two different pictures to try and show this. In the first picture you can see that it looks more fuschia, and in the second much more red. Definitely interesting.

So, before anything let's talk about packaging. It's not my favorite. It's a totally reflective and mirrored silver tube that picks up and shows every single fingerprint. Not my cup of tea. I prefer a plain old, standard black tube. Aside from that though, the cap snaps on very securely and it is a sturdy tube. 

This lipstick has a kind of fruity scent that I could most definitely do without. I'm not sensitive to scents and can tolerate it, but this could probably turn off some people. Fortunately, the scent didn't seem to linger but still.. I don't like it. I also personally didn't notice any taste from this lipstick.

Now let's get to the actual product. This is a really creamy lipstick with some definite slip to it. It's not such a slip that it will go sliding all around your lips and bleed, though.. If you try it out you'll know what I mean. 

It does feel hydrating, but I didn't instantly feel like it made my lips softer or smoother. I also didn't have it on long enough to see if it made my lips "visibly fuller, softer and smoother" afterwards either (I gave my kitty a kiss about 15 minutes into wearing it and she ended up with most of it on her, oops).

Make Out Red totally has full coverage just as Avon claims, and is completely opaque in only one swipe so there's no need to have to build it up. It's a bit of a tricky color to apply because of the creamy formula and bright shade so take your time and use a liner or lip brush if needed to help you out.

The finish of the Totally Kissable Lipsticks are really glossy, as you can see in my lip swatch. It's personally not my favorite finish (I prefer a matte or satin), but it adds a kick; especially to a bright shade like Make Out Red. I like to blot it down, though, which I think looks really nice - so don't let the glossy finish turn you off if you're like me!

Lastly, as you might of picked up on already, this lipstick transfers. I already told you about how I gave my poor cat a kiss (right on the white part of her fur, too!). Even after she ended up with most of the lipstick on her, there was still quite a bit left on my lips. This is when I decided to blot it down and see how it looked that way. I tried to see how many blots it would take until the color no longer transferred and that seemed to go on forever! In the end, Make Out Red also leaves a stain behind. It's a pretty strong stain, too.. You could wear it out as one if you wanted! I had to use a makeup remover for lips as well as a lip scrub to fully remove it - so it's a pretty tough cookie of a stain!

So like I said.. I wouldn't kiss anyone if you're wearing this. Unless you want them going around with a kiss print stain on. On the plus side, if you're eating or drinking or whatever, at least you know the color will still stay put! It's not going anywhere until you decide to take it off!

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