Hand It Over Super Moisture Hand Cream by mark.

Winter has left me with very dry hands, which is both uncomfortable and not very visually appealing. I've been trying to find a good hand cream and decided to try this one out from mark. Hand It Over contains 45ml of product and sells for just $4. This hand cream comes in four different scents which are Plum Berry, Vanilla Cream, Lemon Sugar, and Jasmine Petal. The one that I have is in Vanilla Cream.

Let's start out with some information and claims, shall we?

From the mark. Magalog:
"Packed with vitamins and skin conditioners, this luxurious scented cream leaves hands soft, smooth, and moisturized all day."

And from the back of the tube itself:
"This super moisture cream melts into skin to leave hands soft and smooth, providing lasting moisture through the day. In a creamy delicious vanilla scent."

So, I'm actually going to start with the scent of this first. I like vanilla scents so I thought it was a no-brainer to choose this, but I'm left kind of wishing I chose a different scent to try out.

This.. kind of smells like vanilla. I can tell it's trying to smell like vanilla, but to me it's just not all that, well, vanilla-y. It is called Vanilla Cream, though and I suppose it does smell like cream.. I dunno. It's supposed to smell like "frothy milk accord layered over cocoa cream, vanilla orchid and vanilla crystal, all laced with ginger lily, white amber and skin musk for a surprising air of sensuality" and be "vanilla at its most decadent". To me it just smells kind of weird..

Onto the actual product! It's a bit of a thicker cream and it does serve its purpose, but it leaves my hands looking and feeling greasy, as well as, I wanna say tacky. This feeling does eventually go away which is good, but it would be better if it weren't there to begin with.

This cream does soothe my hands and moisturize but it doesn't quite heal them or last all day. It just.. helps. After a while the dryness comes back and I have to reapply and deal with that greasy feeling again.

Overall, it's alright. I'll try to use it up but I personally wouldn't repurchase. 

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