MAC Betty Bright Lipstick Review & Swatches - Archie's Girls

Today I'll be posting on MAC's Betty Bright lipstick from the Archie's Girls collection. Obviously, it's from Betty's side!

This lipstick is $20CA, and once again, is sold out on the MAC website. You'll need to check in at a counter for availability. This shade was pretty popular, as it was the one people were most excited about from what I've seen. It sold like hot cakes! If I recall it sold out online within about half an hour or less.

Betty Bright is described as a light vibrant peach, and is a Satin finish. In the tube it looks pretty coral, though. It's definitely a more pinky shade.

MAC's lipsticks are very popular so I was really excited to finally try them out! All I ever hear is positive things about them, as well as their vanilla scent. Let me tell you right now that I'm in love with the scent. I'm usually not one for scented lipsticks but MAC's just smell so yummy! I also find the scent lingers around, so I'm smelling bits of vanilla throughout the day and it makes me smile. If you're sensitive to scents and such, though, this may bother you.

Aside from that I'm happy to say that I'm not left unimpressed with this lipstick. It has a lovely formula and application is smooth and easy. It's also comfortable to wear and not drying on my lips. I'm definitely a fan.

So, how about some swatches?

Swatched on arm

Applied generously

Dabbed on

Isn't it pretty? I think I prefer how it looks on me when lightly dabbed on, as I think it may look a little strange on me when applied generously. Not sure yet. Either way, it's pretty and I like it. For an extra kick I think that it would look good topped with the Kiss & Don't Tell lipglass!


  1. It's soooo gorgeous! That's the shade I wanted the most x

    1. It is! Were you able to get your hands on it? :)


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