MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte Review & Swatches - Archie's Girls

The first product from the Archie's Girls collection by MAC I'll be posting on is the Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me, which is from Betty's side of the collection. The Pearlmattes are $35CA, and unfortunately both (Flatter Me, as well as Veronica's Blush) are sold out on the MAC website. Hopefully you'll be able to get your hands on it from a MAC counter, though!

To start off I just want to say that the packaging is very sturdy! I saw others concerned that it looked a bit cheap but it definitely isn't! The Pearlmattes feature Betty, Archie, and Veronica on them even though each girl has her own shade. I'm happy about that, though, because I wanted one thing that had the three of them on it together! Alright, moving on!

I was first drawn to this product because of the adorable hearts in the powder! Anyway, here's what the MAC website says about this product:

"Love is in the details with all-new Pearlmatte Face Powder combining pearlized and satin shades to achieve an array of looks. Hearts are adorably stamped onto the base. Effortlessly blends with a rich and creamy texture. Use for highlighting and blush effects or as an Eye Shadow with a velvet-smooth finish."

Now, I know that there seemed to be a lot of confusion about this product and just what exactly it was for. From my understanding it can obviously be used as a subtle highlight or blush; but can also be used all over the face as a sheer veil. It all depends on your preferences as well as your skin-tone. I find I'm able to use this product all three ways.

This Pearlmatte is very finely milled as well as firmly pressed, and doesn't kick up a lot of powder when you dip or swirl your brush into it. I believe it's meant to be a more sheer product with not much pigmentation - and I love it. I love using it as a subtle highlight on the top of my cheekbones, under my brows, and on the bridge of my nose. If I concentrate more on the hearts in the powder then I'm also able to get a sheer blush from it. And lastly, I also like to use it all over the face. It may seem like a bit much, but it's really not! It gives a soft, almost diffused kind of look. And then of course you could also use it as an eye shadow - so it's quite a multipurpose product!

Here's a closer look of the powder. It's seriously cute, isn't it? Flatter Me is described as a golden peach with coral hearts, which I would agree with. The shades are right up my alley. And as far as I can tell the coral hearts go all the way through the powder which makes me happy! Here's some swatches:

Base and Hearts swatched separately 

Swatched together

Since it's a more sheer product it didn't show up in pictures where I had it swatched on my arm, so I had to take pictures of it on my fingers! It's pretty, right?

So, I'm quite pleased with this product! I only got it on Tuesday but I've been wearing it ever since, and I can see myself using it a lot! What do you think? :)

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