MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick Review & Swatches - Archie's Girls

Today I'll be finishing up my posts on the MAC x Archie's Girls collection with the Ronnie Red lipstick, which is from Veronica's side of the collection.

Like the rest of the lipsticks in this collection this is $2oCA and.. Do I even have to say it? You guessed it - it's sold out online. From what I saw it was the lipstick most people wanted from Veronica's side. Hopefully you can track one down at a MAC counter or store, though.

Ronnie Red is a Matte finish and described simply as "bright red", like the Strawberry Malt lipglass. Like I said in that review, this is also a gorgeous pink-red. I've seen some describe it as a strawberry red, as well. 

I really don't have all that much to say about this that I didn't say in my review of Betty Bright. It has that yummy vanilla scent, a really nice formula, is easy to apply etc. There are a few other things I have to say about it, though!

It is a matte lipstick, and I personally found it kind of drying on my lips, but I know of other people who said it didn't feel drying to them at all so it'll be different for everyone. Aside from that, I've tried both good mattes and bad mattes and this is a good one.

The other thing I want to say about Ronnie Red is that it stains. Like, hardcore. When I took arm swatches of it I had to later scrub with the strength of a thousand men to get it off. I took lip swatches too, and ended up just leaving it on and it stayed all day. I mean it. All. Day. And then of course, it left a stain. It's a pretty stain, don't get me wrong, but still a stain. It was still there the next morning! I ended up having to use a makeup remover and a lip scrub to get everything off. Even if you only wear it for like, three minutes though it will leave a stain after you've wiped it off. It's serious business. 

And the last thing I want to add is that I recommend using a lip-liner with this lipstick as it can bleed a bit.

Okie dokie, let's get to swatches already..

Swatched on arm

Applied, no lip-liner

Anyway, I actually love this lipstick so much that I have back-ups of it. Yeah. Plural. Back-upsssss. My awesome uncle was kind enough to bring me not one, but two tubes of Ronnie Red since there are MAC locations where he lives. I never do back-ups so it's quite crazy I have two for this lipstick. It's just such a gorgeous color, though. I almost wanna say that it's perfect..!

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