The Cat's Meow: TONYMOLY Cats Wink Mascara

This is the TONYMOLY Cats Wink Mascara in the Volume & Longlash formula, and I love it. A lot.

And it's not just for the fact that the packaging has a freaking cat on it; that's just a bonus for a crazy cat lady like me. The actual mascara itself is pretty amazing. Sure, I bought it just for the packaging (guilty), but I was surprised to find out just how much I ended up loving the product inside. I think it would have to be my favorite mascara now.. and I think it also might be my holy grail..!

So, here's what the wand looks like and another look at the amazingly adorable packaging. I will hoard this tube long after the product is finished, hehe.

A lot of the mascaras I usually like have a bigger and fatter wand, but Cats Wink has a simple long and thin wand. A lot of mascaras I usually prefer also have a formula more on the dry side, whereas Cats Wink isn't too dry not too wet - I think it's just perfect. So it's a bit different then what I normally like in my mascaras yet it's my favorite now!

Cats Wink does just as it claims - it gives me both volume as well as length! You can usually only get one or the other with most mascaras, or if they claim to give both they do a not so good job on one. Not Cats Wink. It gives awesome volume and awesome length and overall just gives you really awesome lashes.

It also gives you said awesome volume without clumping the lashes together! It separates really nicely, too, and basically it just gives me everything I want!

I really love the wand as well. It's so easy to comb through the lashes and get every one. You usually see bigger wands for volume, yet like I said, this skinny one gives you a ton! Ugh, I just love this mascara SO much. It's totally the cat's meow.

Since it is a product from Asia though it's not available here, which is my only downside. It's also a little pricier then our drugstore mascaras. I got mine for around $12-$15. Even though I don't have easy access to this I love it so much that I would still repurchase it. 

If you're curious where I purchased mine I bought it from one of my favorite stores YesStyle! But you can obviously search around and choose where you want to purchase it if you're interested. I definitely recommend it :3

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