China Glaze Passion For Petals Review & Swatch

Passion For Petals is one of twelve shades from China Glaze's spring Avant Garden collection. It's a really lovely collection and I had a bit of trouble deciding which polish to get.. I might just have to go back and get one or two more.

This shade is described as a "bright salmon-pink", which I think is pretty accurate. It's a really nice color and I don't have anything similar to it in my collection.
The formula was more on the thinner side, yet was opaque in only one coat and applied very smoothly. It's easy to get too much product on the brush if you're not careful and it can get a tad bit runny, which can result in a bit of pooling, though.. Some of it actually ended up dripping right off the brush and onto my table at one point, so just make sure you don't have too much!

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