Flor Violeta

Flor Violeta is Avon's new fragrance for women which will launch in the Campaign 9 book. They describe it as "delight in an extraordinary moment of sparkling green apple infused with a beautiful bouquet of violet blossoms and soft musk". It will be $30CA, but being an Avon representative they sent a demo bottle so I'll be sharing my thoughts on it with you today.

Okay, before we go any further let me just make this clear: I am most definitely no fragrance aficiondo..! With that said, here's what simple little me thinks about Flor Violeta.

First off: the bottle. I think it's cute. And pretty. I don't like when the tulle around the cap isn't equally fluffy all the way around, though! But that's just me being picky. Otherwise, I think it's a sweet little bottle. The cap is also easy to take off and it sprays a nice, fine mist.

Now, onto the actual fragrance. I like it, too.. it's just not my favorite. It's a sweet, fruity and floral scent whereas I prefer a more musky scent. Musky.. warm.. sweet.. I'm also a sucker for vanilla. For example, think Prada Candy, Lady Gaga's Fame, or even Kim Kardashian's fragrance. So Flor Violeta isn't the type of scent I would usually lean towards. I like that it's quite light, though, and think it would be a very fitting scent for the spring.

Honestly, it's up to what you prefer. If you like a scent that's sweet, light, fruity, or floral then this would be right up your alley! Even though I prefer a more musky scent I still think it's nice and I do plan to wear it throughout the springtime, though!

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