Glints Of Glinda with OPI

I'm still a bit sore and such from my wisdom teeth (and still on a mashed potatoes diet, wah) but I figured it wouldn't take much energy to do a short review on a nail polish, so that's what I'll be posting today! Painting my nails also doesn't cause me any pain which something like testing a foundation or something might do since my cheeks still ache a bit, haha. Okay, enough about my wisdom teeth woes..!

Here's Glints Of Glinda from OPI's new Oz The Great and Powerful collection inspired by the new movie of the same name. When you think of Oz you probably would picture emeralds, ruby reds, and golds but OPI went for a much softer theme for their collection.

Out of the seven shades this is the only one I was interested in (I wanted When Monkeys Fly! until I read about the taco glitter fiasco). Glints Of Glinda is a sheer nude beige, and I love it. I think it might be my perfect nude polish.

This is a more sheer polish but you can use more coats to get it semi-opaque. On my own hands I only tried out one coat and two coats, but I used a nail wheel to show a third coat as well.

Here it is with just one coat. It just gives a very simple but polished look, and I love the beige tint. I think it goes with my skin tone perfectly!

And here it is with two coats, where it's not completely opaque but not too sheer, either.

And ignoring the purple and pink polishes on the ends, here's Glints Of Glinda from left to right with one coat, two coats, and three coats.

I love it and the formula is quite easy to work with. I find OPI's sheer polishes always apply really well. The consistency wasn't too thick or too thin but I would say it was a bit more on the thin side. It can look a bit streaky as you apply it but once it drys any streaks disappear so don't fret!

What do you think? Did you get anything from this collection?


  1. Love the sheer nude-ness, this will be great for stamping over or other art. Hope you're okay soon, wisdom teeth are such nasties.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Me too! And thank you, I'm doing just fine now :)


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