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Hey everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts so far this month. I'll be getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday so I probably won't be in the mood to post for a while after that either..! Anyway, today I just wanted to share something that I've been really loving lately which are the Tree Tree products from The Body Shop.

These are two of the products I have and have been using lately: the Tea Tree Face Mask and the Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash. I've also tried (and loved!) the Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes but at $12.50 a pack for only 25 wipes it's not quite in my budget to repurchase over and over. I'll purchase another pack when I want to treat myself, hehe.

Back to the two products I currently have, though! The Tea Tree line is suitable for blemished skin. I used to have very dry skin until I started using Avon's Nutura Cream (if you have really dry skin try this stuff out, seriously) and now my skin has become a bit more oily and more of a combination type. Unfortunately, I've been getting pimples more often then when my skin was super dry. (I've stopped using the Avon cream regularly and just save it for emergencies, now!) I love the Tea Tree Face Mask to help me combat any pimples I may get. It "instantly cools and lifts away impurities" as well as "absorbs excess oil and soothes skin". I don't use this all over my face (my cheeks are kind of sensitive to it), I just use it on any problem areas. It does what it claims and it does feel super refreshing and soothing. All the tea tree products I've tried have left my skin feeling as smooth as a baby butt!

As for the exfoliating wash, I love it too! It "gently exfoliates, removes trapped dirt, oil and dead skin cells, leaves skin feeling clean" and is "clinically proven to give clearer looking skin". Again, it does what it claims and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed and sooooft. It's definitely gentle enough to use every day, although I personally don't.

These products are a bit more on the expensive side ($15 for the mask and $13 for the wash) but I find they were worth it. I just really love them and I'm already trying to decide which Tea Tree product I want to try out next! I'm thinking the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion..! I absolutely love how soft this makes my skin so it would be great to have it in lotion form.

So, have you tried The Body Shop's Tea Tree line? Do you like it as much as I do? :)

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