I'm Really Liking The Body Shop Lately

Hello beauty addicts! I just wanted to make a quick post today about a body scrub I'm really liking, which is The Body Shop's Shea Body Scrub.

This prduct works to "reveal softer, glowing skin with exfoliating salt grains and organic sugar in a moisturzing, oil-based scrub that has a fresh, classic scent" and I love it.

First off, I absolutely love the smell of it. It's so, so nice and I find it lightly lingers around. Second, it's a sugar scrub and I really like the texture of sugar based scrubs. Third, it leaves my skin extremely soft - and it does so immediately. Even while I'm still working it in I can feel a big difference in how my skin feels and it stays just as soft even after I've dried off. And also, this scrub gives you a good amount of time to work with it before it begins to dissolve.

Basically, it's just super nice and I love it. The only thing I don't love is the $20 price tag! If I wanted to repurchase I would probably try and wait for a sale or deal. If you're interested it's actually on sale right now for only $12 on The Body Shop's website!

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  1. I've only ever tried their Body Butters and I love them! I think it's time to expand on the Body Shop, this scrub sounds great! xx



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