Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in 102

I liked the lipsticks from Rimmel's original Kate Moss line (review & swatches of 07 & 08 here; swatch of 06 here) and have been curious about the matte line for a while. Well, those Lasting Finish Mattes by Kate Moss have arrived in Canada and I decided to get one of the shades to try out which is in '102'.

As far as packaging goes it's the same as the original Kate Moss lipsticks, except the colors are reversed. The original line has black tubes with Kate's signature in red, and the matte line has red tubes with her signature in black. Honestly, I don't really like the red tube and very much prefer the black ones.

Anyway, 102 is a pink. Obviously. It leans more yellow then blue based and is a nice shade, but nothing all that unique.

Here's a swatch on my wrist. Again, it's a pretty basic pink but still a pretty one. I think it would look flattering on a variety of skin tones.

Application was pretty smooth, and it went on opaque. I did find that the formula wanted to cling onto any dry bits on my lips so if I were to wear this again I would use a lip scrub beforehand and make sure to moisturize well. This lipstick was comfortable to wear compared to some other mattes I've tried, though. It didn't feel drying, but I could definitely tell that there was something on my lips. It also leaves behind a stain, which is pretty true to the color after the initial application. In my opinion these aren't as matte as mattes can be, though.. I find that they still have a bit of a creamy hint to them, but that can be fixed by wiping the color off and just wearing the stain, I suppose.

What else to say.. As for a scent, I find the scent of these has a more waxy/lipstick-y smell then the original Kate Moss line, which had a more sweet and fruity scent. If you don't like scents in your lipstick this could irritate you, but I didn't really smell it unless I actually took a whiff of the tube.

Anyway, I think this lipstick is just okay. I don't think that I would purchase another shade, and when it comes to mattes at the drugstore I prefer Revlon's. What do you think? If you're interested, this line is available to purchase on Well.ca.

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