April Empties

This month I used up three products which are all skincare/body products. Here's a look at them!

From left to right (but I think it's pretty obvious, haha!) is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub, Victoria's Secret Body Wash in Coconut Passion (I looooove this scent), and Lancome's Bright Expert.

I liked the Queen Helene mask and I may repurchase it in the future, but for right now I still have a facial scrub to use up and I always like to try out new ones too. This wasn't my regular exfoliator since it's a bit rougher so I just used it when I felt I really needed it. Anyway, it's a good scrub and it's also pretty cheap!

I got the Victoria's Secret Body Wash back in November when I went to Boston so it's lasted me for a good while! I liked it and Coconut Passion is one of my favorite scents but since I don't have a Victoria's Secret where I live I won't be repurchasing. I'd like to in the future, though if given the chance! And I'd like to try out a new scent.

And my last empty is the Bright Expert by Lancome. This is just a deluxe sample size but it has lasted me for a very long time and I also have a second tube of it in my stash. The one I have is 15mL while the full size is 30mL for $78CA. This is another product I tried while trying to improve the dark marks on my forehead as it's a "dark spot reducer and radiance activator". I believe the marks on my forehead improved simply from a solid routine (exfoliation, SPF, etc.) and I don't feel like this really did much. I never used it too consistently there though, but I tried it out on other parts of my face like around my mouth and I didn't see much of a difference so it's definitely not something I would go out and purchase.. especially for that price! I am going to use up my second tube of it, though!

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