Dorothy Who?

I have an obsession with what I like to call 'mermaid nails'. I'm sure you must have heard the term before! It's any polish that just screams mermaid, basically. I associate it most with deep blue polishes with pretty shimmers or glitter. I usually just like to drool over mermaid polishes online, though, since I've never had one.. Until now!

This is Dorothy Who? by China Glaze and it is stunning! I've always seen it with the China Glaze display but for some reason it never really interested me.. WHY?! The other day I went to Sally's just to pick up a new bottle of Seche Vite topcoat, but I ended up coming out with that plus three CG polishes.. Hey, they were buy two get one free! Obviously, Dorothy Who? was among those three polishes. I'm still not sure what changed my mind about getting this but I'm glad that I finally did.

Stunning, right?! As you can see Dorothy Who? is a beautiful deep blue with glitter to match. The glitter is absolutely amazing.. I have to keep stopping to just stare at my nails..! This polish is just so incredibly pretty!

Here is it taken with flash. Honestly, the way this shimmers and glistens just blows my mind, haha! It's gorgeous!

And here's one last picture.. I simply couldn't choose just one to share! So, aside from the fact that this polish is beautiful the formula is quite nice as well! I used two coats to get what you see here.. With the first coat you just see the transluscent blue base and it can be a bit streaky but with two you really see how lovely it is! I think it would also look awesome if you layered this over a black polish! Anyway, this was really smooth to apply and for a glitter polish the base was more on the thin side. With two coats I noticed that in a few places it still looks a bit transluscent, so if you wanted a really full coverage I would go with a third coat! Also, even without a topcoat this is so shiny and nice!
I'm kicking myself for not getting Dorothy Who? earlier! What do you think of it?

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