May Empties

June is tomorrow, so that means it's time for my monthly empties post of May! This month I was able to finish up five products:

The products from left to right are e.l.f.'s Studio Makeup Mist & Set, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat an CND Toughen Up Base Coat, and Maybelline's Define-a-Brow.

The e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set is pretty decent and it's only $3! I would check it out if you're looking for an affordable setting spray. The only cons I have for it are that it smells bad (but the scent disappears quickly) and that the bottle and spray nozzle are complete garbage. Instead of a nice mist you get a deadly single stream on one part of your face. I managed to make it work but I would recommend putting it into a better spray bottle. Anyway, I love my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray but it's expensive.. so if I needed to I would repurchase this one.

I loved Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, which was a gift from my best friend Megan! It came in a set with a lip balm so this is a smaller sized tin of it. It's not a cream, but a balm, and it was very nice to cuticles :) I'd like to repurchase it!

I love Seche Vite but I hate that after a while it turns into a thick and goopy mess. My bottle is still half full but it's gotten pretty much un-usable. It's annoying but it's my favorite top coat. Already repurchased.

I don't really have anything to say about this CND base coat. I don't feel as if it strengthened my nails or anything, and I probably won't repurchase. I hardly use base coats anyway, but if I need one I'll probably just pick up a relatively cheap one.

And my last empty is my Define-a-Brow. I really liked this! I'm going a bit crazy without a brow pencil so I'd like to repurchase this (and soon!).

Avon Cosmic Nail Enamel Review & Swatches

Today I have two of ten shades of Avon's new Cosmic Nail Enamels ($6.99CA) to share with you! I was most drawn to both of the blues in the line so those are the two that I got:

On the left we have Galaxy, and on the right is Celestial. These Cosmic Nail Enamels have a 'stardust luster finish' and a 'holographic pearl effect'. I'll tell you right now that these are some seriously pretty polishes!
Let's talk about Celestial first, which is a neat light blue that leans quite grey. It applied really well but was more on the sheer side (I imagine it would look cool over a black or any other polish!) so I used two coats. You might want to use three just in case, though.
And here's Galaxy, an ocean blue and my personal favorite of the two. This one also applied really well, but I only had to use one coat for what you see in the photo. If I look closely there's still some spots where my nail is visible so I would go for two coats if you want complete coverage.
Both polishes are super shimmery, and look absolutely stunning when they catch the light. I'm loving them, and I would definitely recommend this line! They're already affordable but Avon always has good sales and deals on (I got mine for $3.99!). And if the blues don't suit your fancy there's still eight other shades to choose from. So, what do you think of them?

Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick Review & Swatches

Clinique's infamous Black Honey Almost Lipstick is a product I'm sure you've all heard of before! It's been touted as wearable and flattering on any skintone with a glossy and light formula. It's a product I've always wanted to give a try but didn't want to purchase myself. (We all have those products, right? :p) I've swatched Black Honey many times at the Clinique counter but couldn't bring myself to pay $19 for it.. So it was great when Sephora had an offer for a deluxe sample of it!

Isn't it cute? (Remember this is just a deluxe sample size - a full sized Almost Lipstick comes in a tall, slender silver tube.) This gloss-like lipstick feels like a lip balm and has smooth and easy application.

Black Honey is on the sheer side, but that's what makes it so very wearable! Its "transparent formula merges with the unique, natural tone of your lips to create a look that's all your own". It'd be perfect for someone who's not quite ready to wear a really dark or vampy lip. It does have a bit of a tendency to fill fine lines or stick to any dryness on the lips (as you can see in my lip swatch), though. Despite the emollient formula I also wish it offered a bit more hydration as it was slightly drying on my lips. It lasted a good hour on me and also left behind a bit of a stain.
Overall, I like it but I don't love it. I do look forward to wearing it next fall and winter, however! Have you tried Clinique's Black Honey? What did you think?

OPI Euro Centrale Reviews Roundup

I've done reviews and swatches of half of the polishes from OPI's Euro Centrale collection, so I thought that I would make a quick post linking to each of them. So if you would like to see reviews and swatches of any of these shades simply click the name! From left to right is:

My Vampire Is Buff, You're Such a Budapest, Can't Find My Czechbook, OPI... Eurso Euro,, and Hands Off My Kielbasa

Also, I apologize for the photo quality! The colors are still accurate though, except for Hands Off My Kielbasa. It's a little bit lighter and pinker then what it looks like here!

(Failed) OPI Nails & Mini Reviews

I saw this cute nail design on OPI's Facebook page and wanted to re-create it, so I went out and bought My Vampire Is Buff and Can't Find Find My Czechbook (which were used in the mani) from their Euro Centrale collection. I already own You're Such a Budapest (which was also used) so I was all set to attempt to re-create the look! Keyword is attempt.

...This is as far as I got. You probably already know that nail art is definitely not my forte. I just don't have the skills or patience for it..! It took so long just to (rather terribly) paint the blue tips that I didn't even want to think about adding the purple. And do you see me cleverly hiding the nail on my index finger? It's because the blue came out especially bad on that nail, haha. I think my attempt at somewhat re-creating this design can be summed up with one picture:

Oh, well! Anyway, let's move on to my mini reviews for My Vampire Is Buff and Can't Find My Czechbook.

My Vampire Is Buff is described as a 'pale, creamy nude'. It's basically just a creamy, off white. It's a neat color but the application was not the most pleasant experience. It was really streaky and dragged and it's one of those polishes that just makes me want to leap out a window. I used two coats, the first one being thinner and the second being a bit thicker, and I could still see some of the nail peeking through. I think three thin coats would be the way to go but I just don't have the patience for that, lol. Also, I mostly enjoy OPI's punny and sometimes ridiculous names but I just can't with this one ;A;

Can't Find My Czechbook is described simply as an 'aqua'. Now this is the kind of polish that I like! Opaque in one go and super easy application! It gets a thumbs up!

A Little Spring Cleaning

I have.. more makeup and polishes then the average person. I'm also kind of a hoarder. I finally told myself that my collection was more cluttered then it had to be and that I don't need to keep eeeeverything, though, so I decided to do a bit of sping cleaning and clear out some products from my stash.

So far I've only gone though my eyeliners and polishes, and the above features what I'm getting rid of. Some products are simply old and need to be tossed (for example, look at that gross green OPI polish!), while others I don't really care for and will pass onto friends or family. I'm tossing all of these liners but the polishes are a mix.

It's not a lot but it's something, right? I got rid of half my eyeliners doing this but I did pretty badly at trying to downsize my polish collection, haha.

Have you done any "spring cleaning" in your stash lately?

May Favorites

This month I thought that I would post my monthly favorites a bit earlier.. so here they are!

This is basically what I've been sporting for most of the month! Just some foundation and powder, mascara, a light wash of color on the lids, and a blush/highlight in one. I've been keeping it pretty natural for the face and eyes but then I usually add a bright lip (I'll show you my top picks for the month in a moment!) for a pop.

I've been using Maybelline's FIT Me foundation a lot lately, and I'm remembering why it's one of my favorite foundations! It's very lightweight and does a nice job of evening out the skin. I wouldn't recommend it if you have very oily skin, though, as it has a dewy finish. Anyway, on top of that I've been adding a light application of this Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Makeup. This is something I probably would have never bought myself (and I never go for powder foundations, anyway) but my mom volunteered doing hair at a gala and recieved it in a gift basket. It was my shade so she passed it onto me and I like it more then I thought I would!

For my eyes, Benefit's Badgal Lash mascara is a favorite for the second month in a row! Like I said, I've been going for a more natural look on the face and eyes and I think this mascara is wonderful for that! Along with that I've been wearing and really loving Maybelline's Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded. Perfect shadow to swipe on and go!

MAC's Pearlmatte in Flatter Me has been my favorite product to use for adding color and a glow to my face. It's two in one! I haven't used it in a while but I'm glad that I've stated to again! It's beautiful!

To finish up, here are my top picks of the month for a bright lip:

 From left to right is Revlon's Lip Butter in Lollipop, Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Vivid Rose, Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Vibrant Mandarin, and Revlon's Lip Butter in Sweet Tart.

As you can see I've been digging the Lip Butters and Vivids Lipsticks! I love Lip Buttes and they've been monthly favorites a handful of times! And the Vivids are fantastic and obviously are also great spring shades. I definitely recommend them if you're looking for a very bright and bold lip for cheap!

So, these products pretty much make up my go-to face for spring! What does your go-to spring face consist of? :)

A Message

I keep forgetting to make a post on this, but I just have a few things to tell you quickly! First, you might have noticed that I got my own domain recently! I went from to and I'm pretty excited about it! I always hated the 'x' in the beginning of my old URL so I can finally look at my URL now and not want to throw something, haha.

And the second thing I want to tell you is about the ways you can follow my blog (since Google Reader will be retiring soon!). Right now I just have three ways for you to keep in touch with my blog, which you can find to the right of this post. You can like me on Facebook, follow my Feed, or follow with Bloglovin'!

Thank you for reading, and please enjoy this picture of my cat Smudge! :')

A Hand Cream I Actually Like!

I get pretty dry hands, and while they're much worse in the winter, they're still currently in need of some help. I've tried quite a few hand creams in the past year but all of them have left me unimpressed. I'm excited that I just recently found one that I actually like, though!

It's the eos Hand Lotion! The scent that I have it in is Berry Blossom, but it also comes in Petals and Cucumber. Isn't the packaging cute? It contains 1.5 fl oz of product, and I paid about $5 with tax for it.
This little hand cream is "designed to fit in your purse, your pocket, or on your desk". It definitely is a handy little thing to throw into my purse! Anyway, the eos Hand Lotion is "infused with moisturizing shea butter, oat extract, and a generous helping of antioxidants and vitamins C and E". eos also claims that this "will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and radiantly healthy long after you apply it". I found that all of their claims were true and I'm so happy to finally find a hand cream that works for me! The lotion isn't too thin nor too thick, and while it is scented the fragrance isn't too offensive.
Two questions! Have you tried this? And what's your favorite hand cream?

mark. Lipclick Full Color Lipstick Swatches

Today I wanted to share a few swatches of four of twelve shades of mark.'s Lipclick lipsticks ($10CA). I haven't personally tried these lipsticks myself yet, but my mother's favorite is from this line (which will be included in the swatches). She was nice enough to let me borrow hers for this post, and then for the rest I simply have some sample cards.

Samples: Bare Hug, Baby Luv, Coral Fixation
Full Size: Sweetie Pie
A full sized Lipclick comes in a cute little tube with a handy magnetic closure. I'm easily amused and love to take the cap off just to put it back on - that little click it makes is so satisfying, haha. Anyway, onto the swatches!
Once again, don't mind my cat scratches haha
Swatched from left to right is Bare Hug, Sweetie Pie, Baby Luv, and Coral Fixation. My favorite of the bunch is Coral Fixation, which I've actually had my eye on for a while.. Now that I've gotten to swatch it I'm very tempted to go for it, though! I'm a sucker for corals, what can I say? The other shades are also very nice. I imagine that Bare Hug would be a wonderful nude, especially for those with a darker skintone. Then we have Sweetie Pie, which is my mom's favorite lipstick. She says that it goes with everything, and this is also her second tube of it! And Baby Luv, which I didn't think I would find appealing at all because it has a bit of very fine shimmer in it, is actually quite pretty as well!
My mother says that she would definitely recommend these lipsticks and that she loves how smooth and creamy they are. I may just have to give in and get Coral Fixation, soon. What do you think? Which shade do you like the best?

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows: Magnetic Coral & Pepsy Coral Comparison

Lately I've been seeing a few blogs saying that the Infallible Eyeshadow by L'Oreal in Pepsy Coral looks very similar to the shade Magnetic Coral which released here in Canada (and I believe the UK as well) last summer (I reviewed and swatched it here!) or wondering if it was the same shadow just with a different name. Well, they are each individual shadows so I'll tell you right now that Pepsy Coral is not Magnetic Coral with a new name. While I was at the drugstore I decided to swatch the two shades side by side for a comparison and I can report that they're different, but similar enough that you probably don't need both!

Excuse the cat scratches and arm hair, haha. Anyway, Magnetic Coral is on the left and Pepsy Coral is on the right. It's a bit harder to see the difference in photos but Magnetic Coral leans more orange, while Pepsy Coral leans more pink. Both are pretty but I prefer Magnetic Coral since it goes with my warm skin better.

So, these are similar.. but still different. I also saw a few bloggers saying these two shades were the same but were named differently depending on where you are.. but again, they're both different and individual shades! Each one is available to buy, so don't get confused! Also, as far as I know both shades are a part of the permanent range here. Anyway, I hope that this comparison was helpful to some of you! :)

Macro Monday Vol.4: Hard Candy Kaleyedescope Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Peace

Hard Candy Kaleyedescope Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Peace
This Monday's macro isn't anything too exciting; just a very shimmery baked eyeshadow duo. I think these duos by Hard Candy are pretty nice and I actually have another of them in High Maintenance! Have you tried them?

mark. Marrakesh Eau de Toilette Spray

Today I wanted to share the new mark. Marrakesh Instant Vacation Eau de Toilette Spray (inspired by the city of the same name in the northwest African nation of Morocco) with you. As you know, I'm no aficiondo of fragrances but I think that they're a hard thing to really review anyway since they're such a personal thing. We all have our preferences (for example I usually like warm and somewhat musky scents) and a scent will be a a bit different on everyone. Anyway, let's move on..

The Marrakesh Instant Vacation Eau de Toilette Spray is $26(CA) for 5omL. Every bottle is individually created, so each one will have a different and unique color variation!

The glass bottle is beautiful and has a good bit of weight to it. The cap is really intricate and pretty and fits very securely and snug. I know that I'm going to love the look of this on my vanity!
"Marrakesh enchants with a stunning vision of golden sun, dream deserts, and intoxicating rythyms that make the heart beat faster... Embrace an exotic blend of lavish Moroccan jasmine, neroli blossoms, spicy cardamom, wild fig, and crushed mint."
Top Notes:
Saffron fusion, Neroli Blossom, Crushed Mint
Middle Notes:
Moroccan Jasmine Absolute, Cardomom, Wild Figs
Base Notes:
Violet Leaf, Argan Oil, Crystallized Musk
I fell in love with this scent in an instant; it's right up my alley. It's warm and musky and reminds me of warm summer nights. I can already predict that this will be my go-to summer fragrance. I just love absolutely everything about it. (I feel like I might even like it more then my beloved Prada Candy..!)
What else can I say? I adore this scent.

Shoes Too Big? Try This!

Do you know what stresses me out? Buying shoes online. I hate not being able to make sure that they'll fit and taking a chance ordering a size. It's also even more stressful when I'm not familiar with the sizing of a brand.

So, I got these amazing cat print wedges off of Hautelook, right? I'm not familiar with this brand (Report) so I was totally stressing out over which size to order. I take anything from a size 8 to 9, and I ended up ordering a nine since that's the size I found all of my other wedges are. Then these arrived about a week later and I was super excited until I took one out of the box and went, "Holy cow, that looks big..". And it was. I tried them on and they were too big on the back.. I then proceeded to kick myself over not getting an 8 1/2. And since I ordered these off Hautelook I couldn't exchange them for another size, either! I was determined to wear these, though! They have freaking cats on them, there was no way I was returning them! So, I went out and got these:
Back of the heel gel liners that you can get pretty much anywhere. And then I did this:
I stacked two of the liners together for each shoe and simply stuck them in the back. Then I crossed my fingers and tried them on again. I was relieved to find that they were now much more comfortable to wear and my foot no longer slid around in them. So, if you have a pair of wedges (or heels, or whatever) that are a bit too big for you try this! And depending on how big your shoes are you may only need to stick one liner onto the back.
Have any of you already used this trick before? :)

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer Review

Hard Candy's Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer (With Concealer Pencil) is a product that I've wanted to try for quite a long time but wasn't available to me until recently. I've heard many positive things about this concealer so I was excited to finally be able to try it out! Here's what Hard Candy says about Glamoflauge on the back of the plastic boxing it comes in:

"A heavy duty, multi-use concealer that provides ultimate coverage. Formula blends flawlessly into skin. Hide everything from dark circles and blemishes to tattoos."
Glamoflauge comes in a cute little squeeze tube with a nozzle, and also included is a mini concealer pencil. The plastic boxing states that to cover tattoos you're supposed to use the mini pencil in conjunction with Glamoflauge but I don't have tattoos so.. I haven't really tried the pencil out and I'll only be covering the tube of concealer in this review. Also, I got this in the shade Medium but to me it comes out looking more like a light/medium shade. It worked out just fine on me, though! Moving on..
I'm actually not really sure how I feel about Glamoflauge. I have things I like and things I dislike about it. First, it's a very thick consistency and is almost somewhat tacky. You only need the smallest amount of this and when I say small I do mean small! This stuff is super concentrated and opaque and you only need a little dot of product to cover either dark circles or a blemish. Since you only need such a small amount this tube will last you a long time so that's good.
I found that Glamoflauge concealed my dark circles and blemishes quite well, and despite being such a heavy duty concealer it didn't feel heavy or icky on my skin at all! It also didn't crease or cake on me and lasted all throughout the day! Here's what I don't like about Glamoflauge, though: the actual application. It was a bit difficult to blend for me since it's so thick and has that almost tacky feeling beforehand. I tried applying and blending it with my fingers, a damp makeup sponge, and also a concealer brush. I found that the easiest way for me to apply this was using a concealer brush to kind of buff it in and then go in with my finger afterwards to smooth things out a bit.
So, I do think that this is a good concealer.. I just wish that it was easier to blend in!

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Vivid Rose

I mentioned in my first review of Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick, that I loved it so much I went and got another; which is Vivid Rose!

My camera doesn't cooperate well with really bright or neon colors so it was a pain in the butt to try and get a decent photo of this! Anyway, my thoughts on the packaging of this remain the same. I'm indifferent to the square tube, but I don't care for the orange cap. It'd be neat if the caps matched the lipstick shades.. then I wouldn't have trouble telling Vibrant Mandarin and Vivid Rose apart when they're jumbled in with the rest of my lipstick collection!

I already covered in my previous review why I like these lipsticks.. They're creamy, opaque in one go, vivid!, comfortable to wear, etc. Depending on the person the wear time or staining might be a negative but I'm fine with both of those. Cream lipsticks wear off faster, it's just life, haha. And I also like the stain because I get the color longer, and like I said before, it's not too much trouble to get off afterwards.

Here's a swatch of Vivid Rose! It's definitely vivid, isn't it?! It's just a super bright pink with a touch of rose to it and I love it!

And here's a lip swatch.. I really struggle with getting decent lip swatches so I apologize once again! Anyway, just like Vibrant Mandarin I see this getting a bunch of wear this spring and summer. I totally recommend these lipsticks if you're looking for something bright and fun!

Drugstore Sightings! Hard Candy, Revlon & CoverGirl

This will be my very first post of this type! I usually don't feel too motivated to take pictures of new makeup displays or collections but.. I'm not sure. Something just really made me want to take pictures and share this time (I think it was the Hard Candy display)! So, without further ado here are some new things I spotted:

The Hard Candy section got revamped! Our selection of Hard Candy wasn't always the greatest here in Canada but now we've finally got some of the newer products! A few products have also been removed from the display, and if I recall Hard Candy did a bunch of discontinuing as well. I see some fairly new things here like the Special Effects Nail Colors, All Lid Up Cream Shadows, Poppin Pigments Duos, Top Ten Eyeshadow Palettes, and Single & Loving It shadows; and I also see some not so new products that weren't available before with the old display like the Just Face It foundation, Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer, and the Fox in a Box blushes.
Hard Candy has been a kind of hit and miss brand for me but I may dabble in it some more in the future..! I actually got one of the Glamoflauge concealers to try, so I'll probably have a post on that soon.
I spotted the new Revlon Chroma Chameleon Nail Enamels, and it appears people have already had a go at them! I don't usually like duochrome polishes on my own nails but these were pretty to look at!
I also spotted the new Lash Potion mascara, which is also by Revlon! (Emma Stone looks so nice!) I've never tried a Revlon mascara but I'm sort of curious about this one.. spellbinding volume and supernatural length you say? Sounds good to me! (Any Supernatural fans here? The finale is getting closer and I'm scared, haha.)
And here's a display of some new CoverGirl products.. The Flamed Out Mascara and Flamed Out Shadow Pots and Pencils are pictured. I don't think I could care less about any of them, to be honest. I did swatch one of the pencils but that was.. unpleasant. They're cream shadow pencils and they feel really wet and gross. I had it on my hand for three seconds before I had to wipe it off. Yuck.. Anyway, CoverGirl just never seems to interest me, unfortunately.
So, that wraps up my first drugstore sightings post! I might do another some day if anything new and interesting pops up! Oh, and I'm sorry for the horrible photo of the CoverGirl display. I was trying my best to be sleek and discreet while taking these..! :p

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Vibrant Mandarin

I'm sure you've heard about Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids lipsticks by now, right? You've probably heard a lot of hype about them too! Well, I'm here to add to that hype. I'm a bit late to the party since these released a little while ago but better late then never..!

Before anything else I'll get my thoughts on the packaging over with. While square lipstick tubes aren't my favorite I'm okay with it, but the thing I don't love is the neon orange cap. It's just not my thing. And the caps don't even correspond with the color of the lipstick; the whole line has the same orange caps. Meh. Anyway..

The shade that I have is Vibrant Mandarin which is a part orange and a part red. It's more wearable then a straight up orange and also leans a bit more red, I find. I absolutely love the color - it was love at first swatch!

Speaking of swatches, here's one for you! It might look like an intimidating orange but it really isn't!  I also took a lip swatch for you but the photo isn't the best so I apologize in advance!

My camera really didn't pick up just how beautiful and vibrant this shade is! I took a ton of lip swatch photos and this was the best one I could get. Le sigh.
So, the Vivids lipsticks are supposed to have "brighter pigment from exclusive vivid pigments" and a "creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar". Bright? Check. Creamy? Check!
This is actually the first Maybelline lipstick I've tried and I'm super impressed! I have all positive things to say about Vibrant Mandarin! It's really creamy and is comfortable to wear, and it has smooth and even application. It's also totally opaque with one swipe and is pretty true to the tube! Actually the only negative about this lipstick I can think of is that it transfers if you're eating or drinking but that's totally normal with cream lipsticks so it didn't bother me. And the last thing which may be a good or bad thing depending on the person is that this leaves behind a stain. Personally, I'm totally fine with the stain - the color lasts longer! And it's not too much trouble to remove, either!
So the verdict is that I love this. A lot, actually! (So much that I just bought another shade! Look out for a post on it!) I can see Vibrant Mandarin getting a lot of wear this spring and summer!

Macro Monday Vol.3: MAC Pearlmatte in Flatter Me

MAC Pearlmatte in Flatter Me
My post for this product can be found here, but unfortunately it was limited edition and is sold out :(  Anyway, what do you think of this Monday's macro?

Avon Skin So Soft Skindisiac Reviews

Here I have all three products from Avon's Skin So Soft Skindisiac line, which from left to right are the Body Oil Spray, Silky Body Lotion, and Silky Body Wash. These actually came out a few months ago and I purchased them as a set then, but I wanted to wait until I had finished up my current body wash to use them. The Skindisiac line claims to"bring out your sensual side with" these products "enriched with passionfruit oil and essence of silk". Now that I've finally gotten to use them I'm happy to say that I love them all!

First the Silky Body Wash ($9.99): Not only does this smell really nice (and all the products do!) but the actual product is really nice as well. The lather you get with this body wash is awesome. So nice. The back of the tube claims that the "rich lather leaves skin feeling silky, smooth, and pampered" and it most definitely does. It makes your skin soft in the shower and the scent of it also lingers afterwards.

Silky Body Lotion ($9.99): This claims to be an "ultra-light moisturizer that leaves skin feeling luxuriously silky and captivatingly sensuous to touch". These claims are also true! This lotion left my skin so soft that I had people telling me so and rubbing my arms, haha! It really does leave the skin feeling silky and sometimes I just have to take a minute to feel my arm or leg. It also is quite light weight and the scent from this also lingers on the skin. I'm still able to smell it at the end of the day if I applied it in the morning! I hate when nice scents in lotions or body washes go away immediately so I'm really happy the scent here stays! Another thing to note is that this lotion also has some really fine shimmer in it but it's very sublte and just gives the skin a healthy glow.

And last but not least, the Body Oil Spray ($12.99): Before anything else, the scent from this also lingers! Yay! With this product you simply sshake it up and then spray it on the skin after a shower or bath, or whenever needed and rub it in. I've never used something like this before but I'm liking it! I use it when I get out of the shower and it's pretty much just as nice as the lotion. It leaves the skin incredibly soft and it also has fine golden shimmer in it. Again, the shimmer is subtle and just provides that nice glow.

So I absolutely love the Skindisiac line. I don't think I've ever been so impressed with a body wash or body lotion..! These products leave my skin feeling amazing and soft and they smell so nice. These are definitely my new favorite body wash and lotion (and body oil spray..!) and I would definitely repurchase! Another plus point is that Avon always has great sales and deals and they've offered these products as a set a few times! I recommend these products. I recommend them a lot!

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded Review & Swatches

So, this is Maybelline's Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded. I've been wanting to get my hands on it for a while but it was always sold out, so when I finally saw it in stock I did a mental happy dance.

I love the Color Tattoos (you can read my review of three of the original shades here), and this shade is no exception! Barely Branded is a shimmery beige with a metallic finish; hence the added 'metal' at the end of the product name.

Isn't it pretty? I probably did not need this shadow as I have tons of shimmery beige neutrals in my collection but I just couldn't help it. I'm sure you know the feeling!

Here's a swatch! Ugh, so nice. The quality of this Color Tattoo is definitely up to par with shades like Bad To The Bronze and Tough As Taupe from the original line. Barely Branded has a wonderfully creamy formula and applies really easily - it smoothes right on! This shade makes a nice highlight and it also makes a quick and easy wash of color on the lid (though you could definitely build it up if you wish!). I'm sure that this would make a great base for other shadows, too, but I haven't tried it that way just yet. And just like the other Color Tattoos I've tried this lasts all day without creasing - even without a primer!

I like it. What about you? :)

theBalm Back On Hautelook!

Oh, boy! When I saw that theBalm is going to be back on Hautelook tomorrow (Friday, May 3) I rushed here to share! As you may know, theBalm is one of my favorite brands! They have absolutely amazing blushes, nice lipsticks, and excellent shadows. I haven't tried things like their concealers or mascaras but I've only ever heard positive things about those, too!

Remember to check out the sale event tomorrow and that the new events always start at 8AM Pacific! And if you haven't signed up on Hautelook yet you can use my personal invite if you like. Hautelook is definitely the best place to get theBalm because the discounts are so great! I purchased all of my theBalm products here! :)


Today's post is just a quick NOTD and mini review! Here I'm wearing Peachy Keen by China Glaze, and as you can see it it most definitely a peach! To be honest I don't really like how this shade looks on me but I think it's a very spring color so I'll wear it anyway..!
I think that the formula of this polish could be better. With the first coat it was kind of streaky and uneven and the second coat was.. strange. It was somewhat thick and just.. awkward (?) to apply. I'm wearing just two coats but I can still see some of my nail peeking through in spots.. Of course this isn't noticable unless you're getting up close and personal with your nail; but if that bothers you then go with a third coat.