A Little Spring Cleaning

I have.. more makeup and polishes then the average person. I'm also kind of a hoarder. I finally told myself that my collection was more cluttered then it had to be and that I don't need to keep eeeeverything, though, so I decided to do a bit of sping cleaning and clear out some products from my stash.

So far I've only gone though my eyeliners and polishes, and the above features what I'm getting rid of. Some products are simply old and need to be tossed (for example, look at that gross green OPI polish!), while others I don't really care for and will pass onto friends or family. I'm tossing all of these liners but the polishes are a mix.

It's not a lot but it's something, right? I got rid of half my eyeliners doing this but I did pretty badly at trying to downsize my polish collection, haha.

Have you done any "spring cleaning" in your stash lately?


  1. Hey variety's the spice of life right? ESPECIALLY with nail polishes :)

    1. That's pretty much my justification for the amount I own lol :'>


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