A Message

I keep forgetting to make a post on this, but I just have a few things to tell you quickly! First, you might have noticed that I got my own domain recently! I went from xbeautykitten.blogspot.com to thebeautykitten.com and I'm pretty excited about it! I always hated the 'x' in the beginning of my old URL so I can finally look at my URL now and not want to throw something, haha.

And the second thing I want to tell you is about the ways you can follow my blog (since Google Reader will be retiring soon!). Right now I just have three ways for you to keep in touch with my blog, which you can find to the right of this post. You can like me on Facebook, follow my Feed, or follow with Bloglovin'!

Thank you for reading, and please enjoy this picture of my cat Smudge! :')


  1. Aww I love his little goatee :)

    1. Haha, it's cute isn't it? And she's actually a girl! :p


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