Avon Skin So Soft Skindisiac Reviews

Here I have all three products from Avon's Skin So Soft Skindisiac line, which from left to right are the Body Oil Spray, Silky Body Lotion, and Silky Body Wash. These actually came out a few months ago and I purchased them as a set then, but I wanted to wait until I had finished up my current body wash to use them. The Skindisiac line claims to"bring out your sensual side with" these products "enriched with passionfruit oil and essence of silk". Now that I've finally gotten to use them I'm happy to say that I love them all!

First the Silky Body Wash ($9.99): Not only does this smell really nice (and all the products do!) but the actual product is really nice as well. The lather you get with this body wash is awesome. So nice. The back of the tube claims that the "rich lather leaves skin feeling silky, smooth, and pampered" and it most definitely does. It makes your skin soft in the shower and the scent of it also lingers afterwards.

Silky Body Lotion ($9.99): This claims to be an "ultra-light moisturizer that leaves skin feeling luxuriously silky and captivatingly sensuous to touch". These claims are also true! This lotion left my skin so soft that I had people telling me so and rubbing my arms, haha! It really does leave the skin feeling silky and sometimes I just have to take a minute to feel my arm or leg. It also is quite light weight and the scent from this also lingers on the skin. I'm still able to smell it at the end of the day if I applied it in the morning! I hate when nice scents in lotions or body washes go away immediately so I'm really happy the scent here stays! Another thing to note is that this lotion also has some really fine shimmer in it but it's very sublte and just gives the skin a healthy glow.

And last but not least, the Body Oil Spray ($12.99): Before anything else, the scent from this also lingers! Yay! With this product you simply sshake it up and then spray it on the skin after a shower or bath, or whenever needed and rub it in. I've never used something like this before but I'm liking it! I use it when I get out of the shower and it's pretty much just as nice as the lotion. It leaves the skin incredibly soft and it also has fine golden shimmer in it. Again, the shimmer is subtle and just provides that nice glow.

So I absolutely love the Skindisiac line. I don't think I've ever been so impressed with a body wash or body lotion..! These products leave my skin feeling amazing and soft and they smell so nice. These are definitely my new favorite body wash and lotion (and body oil spray..!) and I would definitely repurchase! Another plus point is that Avon always has great sales and deals and they've offered these products as a set a few times! I recommend these products. I recommend them a lot!


  1. Thanks for the great & helpful reviews! :)

    1. No problem! Glad you like them!

  2. unfortunately...the line has been discontinued


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