Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick Review & Swatches

Clinique's infamous Black Honey Almost Lipstick is a product I'm sure you've all heard of before! It's been touted as wearable and flattering on any skintone with a glossy and light formula. It's a product I've always wanted to give a try but didn't want to purchase myself. (We all have those products, right? :p) I've swatched Black Honey many times at the Clinique counter but couldn't bring myself to pay $19 for it.. So it was great when Sephora had an offer for a deluxe sample of it!

Isn't it cute? (Remember this is just a deluxe sample size - a full sized Almost Lipstick comes in a tall, slender silver tube.) This gloss-like lipstick feels like a lip balm and has smooth and easy application.

Black Honey is on the sheer side, but that's what makes it so very wearable! Its "transparent formula merges with the unique, natural tone of your lips to create a look that's all your own". It'd be perfect for someone who's not quite ready to wear a really dark or vampy lip. It does have a bit of a tendency to fill fine lines or stick to any dryness on the lips (as you can see in my lip swatch), though. Despite the emollient formula I also wish it offered a bit more hydration as it was slightly drying on my lips. It lasted a good hour on me and also left behind a bit of a stain.
Overall, I like it but I don't love it. I do look forward to wearing it next fall and winter, however! Have you tried Clinique's Black Honey? What did you think?


  1. I enjoy your blog because you post about all types of, fragrance, high end drug store, Avon etc.. I am wondering what your skin tone is. I'm also brunette, but I think I'm darker skin tone. I ask because I wonder how the make up products you use would suit me if we are similar skin coloring.

    1. Hi, Liz! First off, I'm glad that you enjoy my blog! :) As for my skin I have an olive skintone with warm to neutral undertones.


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