Drugstore Sightings! Hard Candy, Revlon & CoverGirl

This will be my very first post of this type! I usually don't feel too motivated to take pictures of new makeup displays or collections but.. I'm not sure. Something just really made me want to take pictures and share this time (I think it was the Hard Candy display)! So, without further ado here are some new things I spotted:

The Hard Candy section got revamped! Our selection of Hard Candy wasn't always the greatest here in Canada but now we've finally got some of the newer products! A few products have also been removed from the display, and if I recall Hard Candy did a bunch of discontinuing as well. I see some fairly new things here like the Special Effects Nail Colors, All Lid Up Cream Shadows, Poppin Pigments Duos, Top Ten Eyeshadow Palettes, and Single & Loving It shadows; and I also see some not so new products that weren't available before with the old display like the Just Face It foundation, Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer, and the Fox in a Box blushes.
Hard Candy has been a kind of hit and miss brand for me but I may dabble in it some more in the future..! I actually got one of the Glamoflauge concealers to try, so I'll probably have a post on that soon.
I spotted the new Revlon Chroma Chameleon Nail Enamels, and it appears people have already had a go at them! I don't usually like duochrome polishes on my own nails but these were pretty to look at!
I also spotted the new Lash Potion mascara, which is also by Revlon! (Emma Stone looks so nice!) I've never tried a Revlon mascara but I'm sort of curious about this one.. spellbinding volume and supernatural length you say? Sounds good to me! (Any Supernatural fans here? The finale is getting closer and I'm scared, haha.)
And here's a display of some new CoverGirl products.. The Flamed Out Mascara and Flamed Out Shadow Pots and Pencils are pictured. I don't think I could care less about any of them, to be honest. I did swatch one of the pencils but that was.. unpleasant. They're cream shadow pencils and they feel really wet and gross. I had it on my hand for three seconds before I had to wipe it off. Yuck.. Anyway, CoverGirl just never seems to interest me, unfortunately.
So, that wraps up my first drugstore sightings post! I might do another some day if anything new and interesting pops up! Oh, and I'm sorry for the horrible photo of the CoverGirl display. I was trying my best to be sleek and discreet while taking these..! :p

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