(Failed) OPI Nails & Mini Reviews

I saw this cute nail design on OPI's Facebook page and wanted to re-create it, so I went out and bought My Vampire Is Buff and Can't Find Find My Czechbook (which were used in the mani) from their Euro Centrale collection. I already own You're Such a Budapest (which was also used) so I was all set to attempt to re-create the look! Keyword is attempt.

...This is as far as I got. You probably already know that nail art is definitely not my forte. I just don't have the skills or patience for it..! It took so long just to (rather terribly) paint the blue tips that I didn't even want to think about adding the purple. And do you see me cleverly hiding the nail on my index finger? It's because the blue came out especially bad on that nail, haha. I think my attempt at somewhat re-creating this design can be summed up with one picture:

Oh, well! Anyway, let's move on to my mini reviews for My Vampire Is Buff and Can't Find My Czechbook.

My Vampire Is Buff is described as a 'pale, creamy nude'. It's basically just a creamy, off white. It's a neat color but the application was not the most pleasant experience. It was really streaky and dragged and it's one of those polishes that just makes me want to leap out a window. I used two coats, the first one being thinner and the second being a bit thicker, and I could still see some of the nail peeking through. I think three thin coats would be the way to go but I just don't have the patience for that, lol. Also, I mostly enjoy OPI's punny and sometimes ridiculous names but I just can't with this one ;A;

Can't Find My Czechbook is described simply as an 'aqua'. Now this is the kind of polish that I like! Opaque in one go and super easy application! It gets a thumbs up!


  1. I actually think you did a great job, and the color combination is gorgeous!

    1. Haha, well thanks! And I love the color combo too!


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