L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows: Magnetic Coral & Pepsy Coral Comparison

Lately I've been seeing a few blogs saying that the Infallible Eyeshadow by L'Oreal in Pepsy Coral looks very similar to the shade Magnetic Coral which released here in Canada (and I believe the UK as well) last summer (I reviewed and swatched it here!) or wondering if it was the same shadow just with a different name. Well, they are each individual shadows so I'll tell you right now that Pepsy Coral is not Magnetic Coral with a new name. While I was at the drugstore I decided to swatch the two shades side by side for a comparison and I can report that they're different, but similar enough that you probably don't need both!

Excuse the cat scratches and arm hair, haha. Anyway, Magnetic Coral is on the left and Pepsy Coral is on the right. It's a bit harder to see the difference in photos but Magnetic Coral leans more orange, while Pepsy Coral leans more pink. Both are pretty but I prefer Magnetic Coral since it goes with my warm skin better.

So, these are similar.. but still different. I also saw a few bloggers saying these two shades were the same but were named differently depending on where you are.. but again, they're both different and individual shades! Each one is available to buy, so don't get confused! Also, as far as I know both shades are a part of the permanent range here. Anyway, I hope that this comparison was helpful to some of you! :)

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