mark. Marrakesh Eau de Toilette Spray

Today I wanted to share the new mark. Marrakesh Instant Vacation Eau de Toilette Spray (inspired by the city of the same name in the northwest African nation of Morocco) with you. As you know, I'm no aficiondo of fragrances but I think that they're a hard thing to really review anyway since they're such a personal thing. We all have our preferences (for example I usually like warm and somewhat musky scents) and a scent will be a a bit different on everyone. Anyway, let's move on..

The Marrakesh Instant Vacation Eau de Toilette Spray is $26(CA) for 5omL. Every bottle is individually created, so each one will have a different and unique color variation!

The glass bottle is beautiful and has a good bit of weight to it. The cap is really intricate and pretty and fits very securely and snug. I know that I'm going to love the look of this on my vanity!
"Marrakesh enchants with a stunning vision of golden sun, dream deserts, and intoxicating rythyms that make the heart beat faster... Embrace an exotic blend of lavish Moroccan jasmine, neroli blossoms, spicy cardamom, wild fig, and crushed mint."
Top Notes:
Saffron fusion, Neroli Blossom, Crushed Mint
Middle Notes:
Moroccan Jasmine Absolute, Cardomom, Wild Figs
Base Notes:
Violet Leaf, Argan Oil, Crystallized Musk
I fell in love with this scent in an instant; it's right up my alley. It's warm and musky and reminds me of warm summer nights. I can already predict that this will be my go-to summer fragrance. I just love absolutely everything about it. (I feel like I might even like it more then my beloved Prada Candy..!)
What else can I say? I adore this scent.

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