Shoes Too Big? Try This!

Do you know what stresses me out? Buying shoes online. I hate not being able to make sure that they'll fit and taking a chance ordering a size. It's also even more stressful when I'm not familiar with the sizing of a brand.

So, I got these amazing cat print wedges off of Hautelook, right? I'm not familiar with this brand (Report) so I was totally stressing out over which size to order. I take anything from a size 8 to 9, and I ended up ordering a nine since that's the size I found all of my other wedges are. Then these arrived about a week later and I was super excited until I took one out of the box and went, "Holy cow, that looks big..". And it was. I tried them on and they were too big on the back.. I then proceeded to kick myself over not getting an 8 1/2. And since I ordered these off Hautelook I couldn't exchange them for another size, either! I was determined to wear these, though! They have freaking cats on them, there was no way I was returning them! So, I went out and got these:
Back of the heel gel liners that you can get pretty much anywhere. And then I did this:
I stacked two of the liners together for each shoe and simply stuck them in the back. Then I crossed my fingers and tried them on again. I was relieved to find that they were now much more comfortable to wear and my foot no longer slid around in them. So, if you have a pair of wedges (or heels, or whatever) that are a bit too big for you try this! And depending on how big your shoes are you may only need to stick one liner onto the back.
Have any of you already used this trick before? :)


  1. hooray for cats! Also, you could try gel pads on the inner bottom for extra support♡

    1. I was thinking of that too, actually! :)


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