Avon Fiji Paradise Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel Reviews & Swatches

Today I have three more Avon polishes to share with you, except this time they're from the limited edition Fiji Paradise collection. They're $6.99(CA) but will have an intro price of $3.99! I have three of the four shades so let's take a look!

From left to right is Teal Appeal, Cruisin' Coral, and Bon Voyage Violet. I have a weakness for coral polishes so it was a given I would get Cruisin' Coral, but the other two are really nice colors as well!

Teal Appeal is a kind of dusty teal. Nice color and I actually don't have anything like it! It has a bit of a thinner formula but was easy to apply and mostly opaque with just one coat (which is what I'm wearing here)! The nail shows through a little if you look closely so I would go for two coats if you want complete coverage.

I'll talk about Bon Voyage Violet next because I have the same thoughts on it as Teal Appeal. Thinner formula but mostly opaque with one coat, which I'm weaing here as well, and easy to apply. Again, go with two coats if you want complete coverage. This is a cool violet color and I also don't have anything like it.

And last we have Cruisin' Coral - a pinky coral or peach with shimmers and a golden sheen. This one was a bit thicker then the other two polishes and not as easy to apply. First coat can be a bit streaky but a second is better, which I'm weaing here. This shade is also incredibly similar to Painted Peony which is also by Avon. You can hardly tell them apart side by side, but if you look close enough there are some small differences; Cruisin' Coral is more coral then Painted Peony and also has a stronger golden shift to it. This also reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm polish (which Painted Peony reminds me of, too). It would probably look more similar to it with just one coat, though.

So, which of the three do you like best?


Thank you so much for reading! Leave a comment if you wish, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!