Butter London Nail Lacquer in Stag Do Review, Swatch & Photos

I've wanted to try a Butter London polish for a while now but they aren't available here, so I was delighted when I spotted a few of them at Winners. They only had three or four colors and the one that I liked the most was Stag Do, which is described as a deep, slate blue creme with a slight green shimmer. The description is spot on, I'd say!

One thing I love about Butter London polishes is the sleek, square bottles. The square cap comes off to reveal another cap that's smaller and easier to hold, though. The cap is secure but not hard to lift off, either. The only thing I'm not too fond about with this polish is that the brush is quite small and round, like Essie's for example, which I also don't favor.

Aside from the smaller brush, application was good. I found that Stag Do was able to be opaque with one thicker coat, but you could do two thinner ones if you preferred. The color is nice and is different then anything in my collection. The shimmer seems to be more apparent in the bottle then on the nail, though, which is a bit of a bummer; but overall I'm happy with my first Butter London polish.


  1. I saw this at Winners too. It reminded me of a garbage bag...

    1. Haha, interesting. It kind of does.


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